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  1. Mine is one of those out there for sale with very low mileage. 3400 to be exact! I too went from a FJR to the Tracer (with a step in between on a DL650XT). I first wanted a GT when they were introduced in 2019, but couldn’t ever find or make a deal on one. Finally found my bone stock 2020 in mid ‘20 and jumped on it. Added the necessary creature comforts and was sold on the bike. Jump forward a year and I was rapidly reaching the stage where I no longer felt confident or comfortable on 2 wheels. In September I made a 2100+ mile trip and decided it was time to either give up riding or go to a trike. First considered a GoldWing conversion, but eventually settled on a Can Am Spyder. After a little over 1000 miles on it, I’m convinced I made the right decision. Bottom line, I don’t think you can go wrong with either the 900 GT or the newer 9 GT. If interested in how mine is set up, it’s listed in the For Sale section. Good Luck! EDIT: here is a post I made to the Facebook Tracer group with more info on why I made the switch. “For me, after 60 years on 2 wheels I was at the point where I just didn’t have the self confidence that I once had. Riding became a lot less fun and more fatiguing. While once comfortable doing 500, 600 (even some 1,000+) mile days - it seemed my max was suddenly down to a couple hundred miles and I was shot - especially if the weather was particularly hot or cold or windy. I decided if I was going to continue, I had to make some changes and started looking at conversions. Price and safety/stability took me to a Can Am Spyder and I was convinced it was the right choice if I wanted to continue riding. I found a good deal on a used 2020 RTL in another state. Bought a one way airline ticket and rode it home 800 miles! Loved it! Extremely happy with my decision!! Still have my 2020 Tracer GT 900, but it’s up for sale. Pristine and one of my favorite bikes over the years, but it was time for me to make the switch.”
  2. Yeah, too bad on the timing! Maybe your son wants one as well! 😉
  3. The prices of new units keeps going up with surcharges and such. Save on delivery and setup charges as well! How about a final price drop to $10,500 as it sits (w/o RDL seat) and I’ll throw in 2 new oil filters and 2 new cans of chain lube - plus a nice travel cover!
  4. I’ve sold the RDL seat. Lowered price and updated first post.
  5. Lower price and included option to remove some items for reduced price. Thanks! @PhotoAl, am I still tempting you!
  6. The replacement for my Tracer is in the garage! Dropped price - need to make room!
  7. Runza is a “Nebraska thing”! https://www.runza.com/about
  8. Yep, one of my favorites as well! I’ve never quite figured out if it is read as “You are no where” or “You are now here”! Did you eat at Runza just about a block to the north?
  9. After close to 60 years of riding 2 wheels, I’ve decided to switch to a trike. With that, I’m putting my 2020 Tracer 900 GT up for sale. At just 3,400 miles, it is a solid 10/10 both cosmetically and mechanically. Never down, not a scratch. Always garaged (or covered when not at home). Besides the great factory features of the GT (heated grips, cruise control, quick shifter, TFT display, etc), I have also added the following:V-Stream Light-Tint Windscreen (plus stock)MRA X-Creen Smoke Grey Windscreen SpoilerMotoPumps Bar RisersFJR Footpegs (plus stock)Pyramid Plastics Fenda ExtendaGIVI Hand Protection ExtensionsGIVI Sidestand FootGIVI Rear Rack and Monokey Mounting PlateGIVI V47 Tail Trunk GIVI MT505 TankLock BagGIVI TankLock RingBag LinersPaper Copy Service ManualRAM mounts (2)Evotech Radiator GuardBrake Light Flasher ModuleYES Warranty to 4/1/2025SPOT Tracker (new owner will need to obtain subscription service, if desired)Fresh oil and filter change. Chain has been regularly lubed after each ride. Tires are OEM and still have MANY miles left! Zumo XT, shown in pictures, does not go with bike.Bike is located in Sidney NE. Nearest major airport is Denver International and I can pick up the buyer if considering a fly-and-ride. Clear/clear title in my name.Asking $10,500fully equipped as shown ( w/o RDL) Thanks for looking!I can provide many more pictures via text or email.
  10. It’s nice that Kawasaki offers the 3 versions where you are located. Here in the USA, they only offer the SE LT+ and it does not include the rear trunk, as I believe your SE does.
  11. As an owner of a SE LT+, I was thinking the same thing. But in looking at the Tracer 9 specs and features, I’m not sure the electronic suspension is the same. Perhaps I missed it, but I didn’t see that the Tracer offered different preloads for passenger and/or luggage. There are a few other differences as well that may or may not be important to some riders. For two-up riding, the big Versys would still be my choice.
  12. ???? The SE LT+ introduced in 2019 has all the upgrades.