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  1. @dpippin I’m not that aggressive of a rider to hang off, so I think the wings will be fine with only minimal adjustment in how I sit. I’m not sure which position will end up being best for me. I haven’t really determined a favorite position with the stock seat - both feel good so far..
  2. Hmmmm, with my 32” inseam, I may have a bit more problem with the build. For that reason alone, I may have to opt for his alternate design as it appears to be somewhat lower. I’ll confirm this of course before the build date. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. @johnmark101, Your feedback is very similar to everything I have read, so I’m quite sure I will be happy. Historically, I have used Sargent seats and have always been very pleased, but apparently they missed the mark on the offering for the GT. Did you find it necessary to use a different seat height after the rebuild? Besides being wider, it appears to be much higher as well.
  4. I’m on Terry’s schedule to have the seat on my GT reworked in February (yep, he’s booked up). I’ve been trying to read as many comments as I can from others that have now, or had in the past, seats rebuilt by him. Almost all reviews are positive, but I’ve found a few that indicate the wings have a tendency to collapse, although in most cases, they still speak very favorably of the seat. I mentioned this to Terry and he was a little surprised and had not heard this feedback before. He did re-emphasize that each seat is custom made to support the weight of the rider. He also went on to say that he has custom built some that are not as pronounced “bucket” and I could go that way if I had concerns of the bucket design. The attached pictures are from him of the alternate design. It MAY be someone here, and if so, I would like to hear feedback. Or if anyone here has altered from his basic design, I would like to hear comments. TIA
  5. Ed, did you feel crowded compared to the Multistrada? I can tell some difference to the Versys 1000, but not bad at all. I did rotate the bar supports and that opens things up a bit. I too like the TFT display (got used to how nice they are on the Versys).
  6. This is my second Versys 1000 - trading for the standard features offered on the new model. It’s been a great bike, The green on the ‘20 is stunning, although I still like the colors on the ‘19 as well.
  7. I’m pleased so far with the mid-size VStream. Let me know what you come up with for options on the lids. I’d like to find some matching tape to that found on the fairing. As for the tail tidy, I’m not sure but think I read somewhere that some may not be compatible with the luggage system if you plan to add a rear rack/tail trunk.
  8. Up for sale is my pristine 2019 Versys SE LT+This is the one with all the creature comforts with just over 2k miles. Cruise control, cornering lights, electronic suspension, heated grips, TFT display dash, quick shifter, etc. Absolutely perfect condition with no damage/issues whatsoever. Never down or dropped. I’ve added the Kawasaki tail trunk and the color matched insert, along with the passenger backrest. The trunk is keyed to match the rest of the bike. Also had the seat rebuilt/recovered by Sargent. It presently has a Givi Tanklock mounting ring installed, which I can leave installed if that is a system you use. It also has a SW-Motech GPS mounting system installed. I will keep the actual Zumo XT cable/mount, but the SW-M bracket, etc will stay with the bike (if wanted). Also included is the Kawasaki OEM bag liners and a paper copy factory service manual. Factory warranty until June of 2021.Reason for selling? Downsizing a bit and moving to smaller/lighter bikes as they all seem to get heavier the older I get!Located in Sidney NE, which is an easy drive from DIA for anyone wanting to do a fly and ride. Fresh oil and filter change and ready to ride!$13,500Thanks! Rod
  9. Glad you made it back Joe! BTW, the “tool” arrived as promised! Thanks much!! Rod
  10. Welcome aboard Ed! It was a long time coming, but worth the wait!
  11. Mounting the Yamaha (pyramid plastics) fender extender. Used the supplied/w tape and will also add the plastic rivets once the clamp process is complete. A bit of a challenge to remove the fender until I first removed the little clamps that hold the brake lines in place.
  12. Usually it’s a liability issue on fitting the tail trunk and many manufacturers have the same warning. And again, usually it’s not an issue unless you foolishly overload the tail trunk!