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  1. It’s nice that Kawasaki offers the 3 versions where you are located. Here in the USA, they only offer the SE LT+ and it does not include the rear trunk, as I believe your SE does.
  2. As an owner of a SE LT+, I was thinking the same thing. But in looking at the Tracer 9 specs and features, I’m not sure the electronic suspension is the same. Perhaps I missed it, but I didn’t see that the Tracer offered different preloads for passenger and/or luggage. There are a few other differences as well that may or may not be important to some riders. For two-up riding, the big Versys would still be my choice.
  3. ???? The SE LT+ introduced in 2019 has all the upgrades.
  4. Yes, I was just listing the entire statement.
  5. I missed this earlier, but it appears there are some changes for rider comfort as well: “The riding position was designed to accommodate riders of varying physiques and includes a two-level adjustable main seat. The handlebars and footpegs can also be adjusted to two different positions, allowing riders to set a position that gives them a secure feeling the moment they get on the bike. The handlebar clamps can be rotated 10mm forward changing the bar position 9mm forward and 4mm up, and the footpeg mounts can be raised 14mm higher as well as 4mm rearward.”
  6. Still for sale! Make me an offer I can’t refuse!!
  7. Does anyone have any pictures of the “goo” removed on a ‘20 model year?
  8. Very nice and congrats! Here’s mine the first day I had it home!
  9. You will be fine with Revzilla. Also any of the smaller Givi bags should work fine. I had tried my XS307 15L and it was almost too big. I finally ended up with the MT505.
  10. Welcome to the madness! The Givi Tanklock ring for the GT is a little different than other bikes in that it is taller and integrated (no separate metal ring and ABS mount) to clear the trim at the front of the tank. What model tankbag do you plan to use?
  11. Both Honda and Yamaha do this - only difference is Honda counts down and Yamaha counts up after you go on “reserve”. In both cases it’s just a matter of maintaining your best economical riding at that point and theoretically make it to the next fuel stop.
  12. More pictures...... I’m also motivated to sell since it is getting near the end of the season.
  13. I’m liking it. “Tracer 9” Be interesting to see what color we get stateside.
  14. For sure punch the holes vs drill! I actually use an awl with a plastic handle and a small hammer. It really does not are much of a hit (hard tap) to punch through the tube.
  15. Gotta agree with others that the silver top/bottom looks best.