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  1. 6'5" , 34" inseam...Stock was terrible, I took the stock off and it was mehhh for a bit, so I got the Puig touring screen. The buffeting is pretty bad and I had to put earplugs in to stop myself from blowing out my eardrums on the highway, but it's a ton better than stock...Honestly, the worst part about ALL the screens I've tried so far is the front end shake/wobble that i get no matter what when i'm driving on a highway or above 45mph with cars around me. It's like the turbulent air from other vehicles is shoving my handlebars back and forth. The wind knocks into my chest and the resulting wobble is honestly terrifying lol. I had an Aprilia Tuono Factory and a Ducati Monster before this, both had basically no windscreen...both went 100mph+ with cars around and neither ever shook. I'm beginning to think someone was drunk or asleep when they did the aerodynamics testing on this bike at the factory. Has anyone else experienced this wobble from the wind smashing into your chest? I need to figure out how to fix this, I don't feel comfortable taking the girl or myself for long rides on this until it's fixed. - Thanks
  2. Hi All, My name is Steve, I just purchased my '19 Tracer 900GT last week after trading in my '16 Aprilia Tuono Factory...An amazing bike, but priorities have changed and my new goals revolve around me taking long trips, camping explorations and a lower back that can still function after an hour of riding. I purchased the tracer used with 4553 miles on the clock, the previous owner buys a new bike every year and I guess this was his latest trade in. He put on two heated gear plug ins, aftermarket windscreen and a rear deck with tail box. While those mods are all nice to have, I have one gripe which I see many others on here have as well...the steering is terribly light. Driving on the highway i get horrible speed wobbles while coming up alongside a truck or while behind cars. I think it is happening for a few reasons...The obvious one being that there is no steering stabilizer. I'm also 6'5", so the windscreen doesn't push the air over me, instead it hits my chest and causes a lot of imbalance in the aerodynamics. My remedy will be a steering stabilizer and a spoiler on the windscreen to help push the air over my chest a bit better. I'm also planning on the tail tidy/LED conversion for my blinkers and an exhaust system. I see a lot of people prefer the Yoshimura full system as their go to. Still looking around here to see what Tuning software everyone uses, i'll do that next season in conjunction with the exhaust system. Anywho...happy to be here, happy to start a new chapter with an amazing new motorcycle and looking forward to chatting with all of you on here and spending all my time at work reading up on the forum and these bikes. Best, Steve