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  1. Been vacationing in the area for several years. Made the move a couple of months ago. Lovin' it! Picked up a new GT a couple of weeks ago. Added a V Stream Sport/Tour windscreen and Garmin GPS. This thing is awesome.
  2. I'm in Dandridge. Moved in to the area about 6 weeks ago from Cape Coral, FL. Been visiting and riding the eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina and northern Georgia area for several years. I tend to stick to asphalt myself. There weren't many off road opportunities in the southwest Florida area.
  3. Long time (44 years) rider. Recently got the itch for something new. The Tracer GT caught my eye but all I could find within a 75 mile search radius was the base model Tracer. So I test rode and picked up a new MT 10 about a month ago. Great motorcycle, absolutely awesome power. But the power had me wanting to go "light speed" everywhere I went and the absence of hard luggage was disappointing. The sky high insurance rates was an eye popping unpleasant surprise. My bad for not inquiring prior to taking the plunge. I started to reconsider my choice and expanded my search for the Tracer GT. I found one just outside the boundaries of my previous search parameters and decided it was worth my time to take a ride and check it out. Needless to say, that was all it took.