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  1. Yeah, I'm a good 245lbs, hoping to drop that this year though. How much was your Ohlins rear shock, if you don't mind me asking?
  2. OK, the good news is it's already in the shop overnight getting the ecu dynoed and flashed and they set up the suspension for my weight, which is what prompted this post, lol. When I get it back tomorrow morning I'll have plenty to discuss with them. I know they are Ohlins specialists.
  3. What should I be looking for to upgrade my rear suspension on my 2016 MT-09 Tracer? Like, what would be a sliding scale of replacements, cost wise? Sorry if I'm being picky but I just know very little about suspension tbh.
  4. OK, seat it is. Besides Bagster and Sargent, does anybody have any recommendations for a really good seat, heated if possible.
  5. I just bought my 2016 Tracer 900 last night and I wanted to order the powerbronze belly pan but after a quick check with them, it's not compatible with the Heed crash bars I have on the bike. Does anybody know of any belly pans that will work with crash bars? Thanks
  6. Lads, I feel like a phuckin dope.... I bought the bike (finally) last night and then I find out the bike has factory installed heated grips 😳
  7. https://www.motocard.com/en/bags/bagster-puppy_black.aspx Hey guys, does anybody have one of these on their bike, and if so, how heavy is your dog please? This comes from the fact I picked up my Tracer 900 last night and I want to get one for my dog but he's weighing in around 11kg and the bag is only rated up to 8kg and I'd love to know how tolerant it is of slightly heavier dogs.
  8. Never heard of the heat Demon until now but I still prefer the sleek design on the yamaha ones. Are the heat demons good?
  9. Anybody ever install these? Are they any good? https://shopyamaha.com/product/details/universal-grip-heaters?dealernumber=&req=true
  10. Can I ask something...? Am I correct in assuming that using the correct hardware I can use an app on my phone to display a customised dash? And if this is possible, could it be possible to remove the dash entirely and replace it with a dock for my phone that could run a virtual dash in place of the physical hardware, and if possible, make the bike unusable/unstartable without the phone which would increase it's security?
  11. Can you flash custom maps to remove the restrictions and remove the snatchy feeling?
  12. Anyone ever used one of these self tuning kits?? https://ftecu.com/shop/yamaha-active-tune-kit/
  13. Has anybody ever used these on their Tracer? I don't want to post a link in case it's not allowed but a simple Google search will help. Tia