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  1. Hey guys, just sharing information. I installed this heated grips using the factory wire and it works fine wit ECM menu. I removed the temperature selector and wired the ground and positive from each grip into the factory connectors. Lmodri universal motocicleta 7/8 "22mm elétrico aquecido apertos scooter ciclomotor barra mão mais quente ajustável aperto quente 12v par|Exercit.| - AliExpress Compre Fácil, Viva Melhor! Aliexpress.com
  2. Are there another brand of these grips from china that works? Because, in Brazil is more difficult and expensive then buy from EUA. Like this one: 12v punho de aquecimento elétrico da motocicleta, kit de alças aquecidas + fita resistente ao calor + cobertura resistente ao calor, almofada do guidão|Exercit.| - AliExpress Compre Fácil, Viva Melhor! Aliexpress.com But there are just two wires and the Heat Demon heaters have three. So, I don't know if work as the same way =/ Thanks