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  1. I picked up my Tracer 9 GT last week, traded in my 2018 Triumph Street Triple. The bike is nice and responsive, with a good lower end grunt to the engine. I’m almost 5’11 and can’t quite flatfoot, but that doesn’t bother me. The windscreen is average, it does take the wind off but does create a bit of turbulence. It probably needs 3 more inches on the highest setting to be mostly calm, which would mean buying the optional touring screen which is about 3” taller and wider, but frankly it’s not that bad. A much shorter screen would be interesting for very hot days where you want to feel tons of wind like a naked bike. The 2 display screens work out fine, would be nice to be able to customize more in terms of what to put on the right screen. My Triumph had tire pressure monitoring that integrated in the display, that would have been nice. I also wish they had the option to put CarPlay on the right screen, I’ve screwed up my phone camera in the past attaching it to handlebar mounts (vibrations screwed up the focus function). The Menu scroll wheel would be perfect to access the CarPlay apps. Not many accessories available in the USA right now, dealers know nothing about the comfort seat or side sliders, I know there are serious back orders in Europe so it may be a little while before we get all the accessories they get in Europe.