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  1. Cheers guys, yes going to go with the HPA, it’s expensive but it’ll save a lot of spanner rash🤓
  2. Cheers for that😃 it looks like a good quality shock and the adjusting tool looks good. I am likely to make adjustments many times over the year when I’m taking my wife on the back so I’m thinking in the long run an HPA, although expensive, will be the way to go, thanks for your feedback
  3. Just wondering, does anybody out there have a Nitron R1 shock without the HPA? How do you find adjusting it with the very capable looking adjuster. How many turns do you make for taking pillion. How do other shocks, like K-Tech etc compare. Thanks in advance
  4. No worries HGP, I've got the measurements from Steve, the 2018 Tracer had lowered the pegs from the 2015 by 33mm so I know the 2015 is the one that'll suit myself and the wife🤓
  5. Hi Steve, that's absolutely perfect! On my ZRX the vertical yellow line is 18" and the red line is 20". This indicates the pegs are further forward on the GT. My wife has ridden pillion with me for 30 years and certainly will not get on with the extra leg room. We spend most of our time hooning round the fantastic roads in Scotland and the Borders, she likes the pegs in a certain position so she can brace her body using her legs on the pegs. My other concern with the Mk2 Tracer was folk have mentioned the riders feet fouling the pillions while on the balls of their feet, this will certainly happen with the Mk2. This is really good to know as there are no Tracer's in Edinburgh at the moment to test ride and 'winter's coming' so I'm now pretty confident she'll be happy on a Tracer Mk1 or a Mk2 with Mk1 footpegs. Much obliged for your help with this, cheers. Mark
  6. I HGP, that would be great if you could measure the distance. If you take the measurement from the centre of the seat and draw a vertical line down then draw a horizontal line from the pegs that should match where I've taken the measurement from my ZRX. Steve is going to measure his GT as well. Although a Mk1 is first on the list I sometimes find myself looking at the Mk2 so it'll be good to know the difference between the two bikes, cheers.
  7. Hi all, I'm based in Edinburgh, Scotland and will soon have a Tracer 900! Loved the Tracer as soon as I saw one in 2015. Always loved triples, started off on a KH250, then a Suzuki GT750 'Kettle' before moving onto big Zeds. Went back to Triples when the Hinckleys came out before going back to Kawasaki again (had a few mechanical problems with the Triumphs, ahem!) I've spent the last twenty years racking up 92,000 miles on my Kawasaki ZRX1200R with no problems (mileage would have been way more but I'm fortunate to also have a '77 Z1000 which I can't stop riding) I've made various changes to the ergonomics to the ZRX to facilitate my old bones but have taken things as far as I can now. The Tracer has a perfect riding position for me along with that fantastic triple engine, and next year I'll have the money to buy one. Despite the Tracer being on it's third version it's the 2015 model which I still want. I have found your Forum very handy for filling in the extra bits of information I need in preparation for looking for and eventually purchasing a Tracer. Between now and February '22 I may have a few questions to ask, indeed my first question is; Could somebody measure the distance between the pillion seat and the pillion footpegs, I've modified the pegs on the ZRX and am curious if they will match. Thanks in anticipation.