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Kappa K40 topbox

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Here are some pictures of one of my Kappa K40 cases fitted as a top box using the Givi Monokey SR2122 fitting kit. Kappa is a sister brand of Givi - the cases are similar but made to a cheaper price so not quite as plush.
Fitting was easy using the 3 point mounting system. The latch mechanism is the same as my Givi E45 topbox, except the latching flap is hidden under the moulded recess used as a handle. This makes the latch more difficult to use as you cannot see it. I guess familiarity will help, and maybe when fitted in the side case position it will be visible.
The box just about takes my Shoei XR1100 helmet but is a bit tight. 40 litres is a decent size.
I will post a more detailed review when I have the Givi rails to fit the K40s as side cases.
Bought as a matching pair, with reflectors in reversed positions for each side and matching locks from outlet ricambi on Ebay. I also bought 2 inner bags from the same place.
link for K40 panniers
link for inner bags
All 4 items cost £199 inc. shipping to the UK from Naples in Italy. Go to the Outlet's ebay shop to find the deal for your country in your local currency.
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