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vertically challenged, concerned about the seat height

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Hello all from philadelphia here, 
[span]   quick question about the seat height, I was wondering if after a couple hundred miles of riding anyone has noticed the suspension settling a little lowering the seat height.  Right now I ride a yam fz6 2009.  I did have a versys in the past and the versys actually seemed a little higher (and heavier), but I did end up cutting the seat on the versys.  Love the engine on the bike!
Great forum!
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I'm a short guy at 5ft 5-6ish... I tip toe quite a bit... I'm at about 1200 miles and I can't perceive any "suspension sag" I tip to as much as I did the day I brought it home. There are a couple threads that relate to seat height and lowering links to adjust it for the altitude challenged.
Theres more on the forum, Some hidden within other threads.... But a decent starting point.
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