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To MT09 or stay with Tenere

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Ladies Gents others lol. On Friday I left my Tenere 1200 in for its yearly serve and took out a MT09 Tracer as it is in the UK. Stonking engine could have scared me on occasions. My thoughts are, need a better screen, alternative luggage ideas, everything else, including 9 stone lighter than my Tenere, is favourable, including the trade in numbers from the shop. Why would I change help me out
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The only thing the Teneré has going for it is the offroad capabilities out of the box. My tracer has seen less then desirable road conditions (mud) and it held up ok, but I'm the type of rider to take brand new street triples off roading :/
Man after my own heart :-).  My Daytona saw a few trails, and plenty of dirt roads and it's hard to imagine a less dirt-worthy bike.  (I swear the Garmin was playing jokes on me the number of times it routed me and my sportbike down dirt roads.) 
Even after only a couple of weeks my FJ has been down some pretty beat up roads -- major washboards, bomb-like holes, and (blessedly short) mud.  I'm quite surprised at how well the Dunlops handled that (they beat the hell out of Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa Pros, let me tell you!) but the excessive compression damping sure does make the bumps uncomfortable.  Tweak the forks, though, and I think it would do just fine.
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I recently sold my Super Tenere. If I had the money to keep both I would have. The Super Tenere was more comfortable than the FJ 09 in long touring distances, even better than my BMW R1200RT. The Super Tenere can rip up gravel roads at 140km/h, or power slide on gravel...try that with the FJ 09.
...but in the end I decided myself to sell the Super Tenere and keep my K L R 650 which has been extensively modified for long distance ADV touring and the suspension has all been swapped out to cope with gravel and two track riding.
...this darn triple engine in the 09 is soo appealing, and the sporty nature is a welcome change.
I'm hoping Yamaha will make a middle weight ADV bike with the FZ 07 engine...that would be sweet!
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A number of people have changed from the S10 to a Tracer/FJ including me.
I did it because of the weight difference. Getting older and having an illness last autumn that has left me managing chronic symptoms meant the Super Tenere was too heavy for my liking. The S10 was a great bike and without the illness I would not have been considering a change quite yet as the bike was only 5 years old with around 20,000 miles on it.
Just because the Tracer is so much easier to get out of the garage, lovely to ride in town and of course new, I find that I am using the car less often. A new role at work means I can commute on the bike too, as previously I had to have a car on site. That 11 mile ride from work back to home puts a big grin on my face and I sometimes take the longer way home.
I never rode the S10 off road, apart from the odd gravel track to a viewpoint or through a country park. The Tracer will cope on those roads much the same as I will be using the same road only tyres e.g. Michelin PR4. I've ridden on a number of single track roads with gravel & grass down the middle on the Tracer and it copes very well. I've also tested the bike on a few of the tight hairpin bends we have in the Cotswolds and again, I am confident the bike will be fine for Alpine touring.
So, unless you are one of the small group of Super Tenere riders who use Continental TKC80 tyres on really rough surfaces the Tracer will meet your needs and put a smile on your face.
Only you can come up with a reason not to change.
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