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First 150 mi

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After picking up my FJ on Saturday, finally!
First thing I did was bolt up the T-Rex sliders that I bought, they should protect the bike just in case. Gave me something to do on the rainy Saturday
But today I filled her full of fuel and headed out for a nice ride. Most of my complaints follow everyone else's, on/off throttle can be weird and it feels like it surges sometimes.
There is a definite gearbox whine however it didn't bother me too much, lots of wind noise with the helmet I wore today.
The lower windscreen position definitely doesn't buffet as much as the high position, although I only noticed the buffeting while I was behind a car.
I weigh 150-160lbs and found the suspension to be very composed over small whoop kind of bumps but anything big like frost heaves and it can be harsh, I'll play with the suspension settings and see what I can do.
I feel like the steering can be awfully touchy sometimes and it wants to head shake a tad when I'm behind bigger cars but that could also be due to the brisk winds today.
With my weight being said I found that my butt was sore after about 50 miles. Maybe that will change as the foam wears in, otherwise I'll be on the search for a seat that fits me better.
All in all I made a great decision to buy an FJ-09. It's so effortless to ride through twisties at a relaxed pace and gets up and goes when you want it to. So I couldn't be happier
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