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11 hours ago, Nick62 said:

Hello all, I’m reviving this thread to ask for help with a QS I have now installed. I’ve been using it for a little while now and want to make sure it was put on right. I bought the OEM shifter kit from Yamaha. I maker sure the distances were correct. My question is, when I upshift and I’m not at a high RMP, like really taking off, it almost feels like the bike “hiccups” when it goes to the next gear. I want to make sure this is normal and if it’s not how to fix it. Thanks I’m advance for the response.

So I’ll add a different take on what everyone else said and say I notice my GT “hiccups” or “jerks” at high rpm but feels very smooth in the 4,000-6,500 rpm range. 

My Ducati with the factory up/down QS is extremely smooth, and the blip it has on the upshift is nearly imperceptible. My technique is the same on both: throttle on, slightly accelerating (or more) and it’s just way clunky about 7,000 rpm on the Yamaha. 

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