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Hi from Germany

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Hi there,

Just got myself a used 2019 Tracer 900GT(tech black) with about 16k kms (10k miles) on it. Just on the way home from the purchase location, the changeable whether gave me a great chance to experience sun, cold and rain within a space of 2 hours or so. Cruise control, heated grips all were already very useful.

I've owned a Honda CBR650f before and mostly tour but I wanted to explore a taller bike as I've never had a non-sport bike. It was quite close between this and the Ducati Supersport 939 (i know quite different bikes but nonetheless), but I just could not get around the amount of comfort and features the GT offers as standard. My hope is to be able to tour and cover longer distances on highways easily so I can get to the fun stuff and get more out of the small free time slots i get between my job and home commitments. :D

Couple of things I noticed while on the ride home yesterday. there is a noticeable head shake above 180-190kmph, not sure if this was because I had panniers on or because of tyre pressure or such. I'll be checking this out this weekend. The other was -  at constant throttle or cruise control, the fueling or chain (not sure what it is) felt a just a slight bit chuggy, does not occur when just accelerating smoothly but only when holding constant throttle (eg. doing 50 in the city constantly), maybe I'm a gear too high

Looking forward to interacting with you all and having a great experience with this bike.

EDIT: Still own the Honda but don't live close to it currently :D

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So you bought a Tracer, then? Good choice (I have the same username on the Supersport forum :) )!!! I just spent a couple hours yesterday installing the Yamaha accessory Yoshimura exhaust I bought over the winter; a pipe is a nice upgrade to give this bike some edge!!!!

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Hello miweber929!

I was half-expecting to see your here! :D

Yeah i took a couple of more test rides and decided to break my heart just a bit in the short run to win over the longer run. Thanks again for your advice over on the supersport forum!

On my first Sunday with it I just rode about 950kms (to and fro total) to the Czech Republic to catch this weekend's WSBK race (which being not so popular a track yet was surprisingly cheap and easy to get to on short notice). Rode through a couple of storms and drenched for the last hour or so since my raingear is still shipping in but the heated grips got me through. My first time with heated grips on a motorcycle and I was surprised how well they work. Cruise control made the long highway ride just effortless.

Not even a sore butt to speak off though I did keep sliding forward as everyone says, seems like I can live with it. The wind noise is quite bad even with earplugs in, thinking of getting one of those small screens that sit on top of the windshield. I think they would work for me as when I just keep my hand horizontally right at the top of the screen, the noise gets much better. Will trawl through the forum to find recommendations.

Btw the chugging I mentioned in my intro seems to be the clutch at low revs because when I pull the clutch in there is no chugging or chain noise to speak of, could be a bit of an issue with the bike, I hope not a big one. I saw something called clutch rattle on my first day on the forum, will be looking through the forum to see if i find something

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