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CREE side lights

Guest lawrenceofsuburbia

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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
Would anyone here be prepared to buy and ship to me a pair of these excellent value (apparently) lights - I cannot get anything similar here at anywhere near the US cost of around USD$35 a pair, I believe.
My proposal is that you advise me your cost, to include packaging and mailing to me here in Oz, and I will mail you IN ADVANCE US dollars to that amount - plus a little to assist your grand-kids through College!
I don't have a PayPal account - too old for that sort of thing - so this seems the best way.
No scams, I promise you!
If you can assist as suggested, please PM me.   
I looked at the Yamaha brand lights as recently described here by a member, but they cost just short of $500 here!   [em]Aaaarrrggghhh![/em]
Lawrence of Suburbia [em] (‘39 model)
2015 Matte Grey Tracer – now at 1337 km[/em][em]
[/em][em]LATER POST - a member here who lives quite near me has put me onto an E-Bay source - which for some reason I didn't find.   Cree's now ordered from vendor in China![/em]
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