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Comparo to R1200R

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Sir Lawrence had asked me:
Hi Bob: I spy a BMW R1200 R in there! Just moved on myself from a 2013 camhead R (my fourth in a long line) to the FJ. In time, I'd be very interested in your comparisons between the two. I have mine, of course...!
L of S
Read more: http://fj-09.org/thread/1222/another-new-old-guy-massachusetts#ixzz3acBCHKCI
So after putting about 300 miles on my FJ, it's time to offer a reply.  I now have both bikes in the garage,  the new FJ-09 and a 2008 R1200R.  Everyone is different, but to me, these two bikes are offer the same theme of go anywhere/do anything all round bike.  I've put about 35,000 miles on the BMW, going as far north as Newfoundland allows / west to Crater lake / Canada to Banff / and southwest to Reno.  So I have some feel for how the Roadster works on a long trip.  But at 300 miles on the FJ, I'm a newbee.
The two engines offer plenty of power, with the edge going the the FJ.  This is partly due to slightly lower weight, but I'm finding the FJ to be more eager in the go department.  Vibration is slightly more on the FJ, but not a problem.  With the vibes operating is a different direction (crosswise crank vs. longitudinal) I'm noticing the vibes more, but the mirrors stay clear and I'm happy.  A trip on the interstate will provide the final verdict in the near future.
Riding position is more open on the FJ, and this is why I'm making the change.  The roadster did not have enough leg room, even with the peg lowering kit installed.  So I'm expecting that the Seat Concepts rework will make the Yamaha more comfortable than the Beemer.  I also have an Air Hawk that works wonders.  This will go on if needed for trips.
Shifting is better on the FJ.  But we all know that Japanese transmissions shift well, and BMW's are like a tractor in this respect.  They should both be reliable in any case.
I had the short sport screen on the roadster, and got lots of wind on the highway.  The stock screen on the FJ is fine up to about 60mph.  Will find out about highway in the near future.
I've had four BMWs since 1998 (R1100RS, R1200GS, F800ST and the R1200R)  They have all been stone reliable.  I expect the Yamaha will be the same.  Too bad I now have to do chain maintenance  :P.  But the trade off isn't that big a deal.
I'm finding the FJ to be more interested in leaning into corners.  The roadster never asked me to go faster, though it was willing to turn when pushed.  The FJ just really likes to lean over and I'm finding it very stable in corners.  I had this feeling from the 1100RS also, and it's nice to have it again.  Something about the geometry I suppose but the FJ is just plain fun to ride.
I guess those are the main points.  I had a TDM850 back in '93 and really liked the bike.  To much vibration on the highway had me selling it for the '98 RS.  Am glad to be back on Yamaha Red!
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