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Just about to take care of 600 mi sic and love bike, one of 4. Reluctantly let 08 Triumph Sprint 1050 go to make room. Upgrading in the red triple category. Plan is for this to be understudy to main bike, 2014 FJR ES. Pannier interchangeability a key factor, as is dreadful tire life on year old 1300.  FJ09 does scratch the same itch, and at least as well.As in less than 4000 mi on rears. Yes, am on 5th one.  But that's for another forum. Another factor was my inability to escape the wind roar on the Brit bike, relegating it to day use. I like trips though. And the Cal Sci medium shield is perfect forme (5'8")
Reading technical stuff about the staggered firing pulses and how Yamaha eliminated virtually all inertial torque via counterbalancers such that what we feel is almost all combustion torque seems to resonate with me. Seems in my mind anyway to explain how amazingly addictive it is to ride. As if there's direct link from throttle to contact patch. 
I love FJR 1300s, but this bike is about 175 lbs less and just as quick to my perception and to MCN.  Have been riding since 15 and am 58 now. About 20-25k per year.
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I'll give you a shout when I come to Austin. I'm located in The Woodlands, TX. I own a Harley and brand new FJ09 with 404 smiles (miles) on it. I love this new one! BTW - I'm a 57 year old male.
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