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Ermaxx Sport- review


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0A59246C-84FC-487D-8D22-976F6485FAD1.jpgI just installed the Ermaxx Sport wind screen in matte gray. Here are my initial impressions:
- baseline: I'm 5'10" w/ 32" inseam
- in the lowest setting, the airflow at 65mph hits me at about exactly the same height as the stock screen! The airflow hits me right at the chin/ bottom of the visor. That means a lot of noise if you have your chin vent open. Vent shut makes a big difference. Maybe a little smoother than stock, but not a big improvement.
- big difference is the protection provided in the chest area. Wind is blocked all the way out to the shoulders. Provides good comfort chewing up highway miles.
- in the highest setting... No difference. Wind still hits me at the chin; however, it's now more turbulent for some reason. Weird.
- I definitely ride w/ it in the lowest setting.
This is a great looking screen. Just not a huge difference from stock. Not ideal for long-distance touring. Great for around town or hitting the twisties.
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Guest rszk
Thanks for the review. Seems like it has to be a super shorty wind shield or a really tall unit to get the helmet out of the wind.
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I've got Lexan on order and plan on fabricating a super shorty screen. I'm driving through downtown Atlanta tomorrow, so the Ermaxx will be welcome because averages speeds are about 85mph. The rest of the time I'll be riding with a shorty. I'm using the Ermaxx as a template:
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Well, it's definitely a Sport Screen! Cruising at 85mph, I find that the most comfortable position is leaning over w/ an elbow on the tank ala FZ-1 ;-) or, just leaning forward a couple inches puts my helmet in cleaner air. Obviously, not a good touring screen.  At least FAST touring 8-)
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Man, I'm getting a lot of use out of my carbon fiber vinyl wrap ;-)  When building my custom shorty screen, I duplicated the cut-outs that the Ermaxx Sport has. That induced more turbulence from the shorty. Once I covered the cut-outs, it smoothed the air a good bit.  Sooo... I tried it on the Ermaxx. I think it actually helped a little with buffeting. The look's not too bad either!  YMMV
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Thanks for the detailed review and pics Beberle!
I have been messing around with my screen too. Will post something this week. No success, but I hope by showing what I have tried, others might solve the issue.
2015 FJ-09
2006 Triumph Daytona 675
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