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pillion seat hieght

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Hi everyone, im'e from the UK, previously owned the FZ1-GEN11 for seven years, left the fold and went for a Tiger Sport 1050, loved the engine, but wife struggled with the rear seat height, as we spend a lot of time touring europe we have gone back to the FZ1, i love the look of the FJ-09, but not able to see one until the london bike show as it's not in the UK yet, we would like to get our order in as the waiting list for the FJ-09 is already growing fast!!! was wondering if one of you ladies or guys could measure from the floor to the top of the flat area of the rear seat on its centre stand, so we can compare it to our FZ1? Spent hours looking at all your great pics but can't be sure enough about seat height to put the order in!!! any feedback would be brilliant
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