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Ixil Extreme sx1


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My review of this exhaust is mixed the good and the bad . First the bad no way can the center stand stay its super tight even with the whole right side of the stand mount removed. The cross braces make the header bolts real hard to get to. No useful instructions at all. Now The good sound comes in three levels. It comes with two db killers One is almost stock sound just a bit lower. the second reducer is a bit louder nice burble. Or you can run with none which is still not over the top loud. I had no decil or back fires. The bike feels faster at everything above 3500 rpm. The lean surge at 2000 rpm is more noticeable.The finish is like a grey powder coat it looks good on the bike. The black carbon fiber side never gets hot kind of nice. They shipped same day I ordered I had in hand 4 days later. The ecu goes to Nels Monday he has the tune ready for this system.  http://www.ixilusa.com/ixil-super-xtreme-sx1-full-exhaust-yamaha-fj-09-2015-2016/#.VbOFg_lVhBd
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