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MCCruise available soon - around 20 August!

Guest mccruise

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Guest mccruise
A number of members have written to us privately. Thanks for your interest. Our product is now up here: http://www.mccruise.com/collections/yamaha/products/yamaha-fj-09-fz-09-mt-09-mt-09-tracer-new-product-featuring-our-compact-electric-servo on our web site and has a PDF brochure for you to see what it will look like.
We will have product in about 2-3 weeks to sell – have to write instructions, packing lists, parts lists etc, all of which takes time! Keep an eye on the web site please, but I will also announce it on the forum with the exclusive 5%discount code for forum members.
The kit will be priced the same as our electric servo Suzuki DL650 product here: http://www.mccruise.com/collections/suzuki/products/30
Please use the currency converter at top right of screen to get the price in USD – or many other currencies. Shipping takes 7-10 days typically from receipt of order and adds $77.40AUD – about $68USD.
Please ensure you use ONLY MasterCard or Visa for your purchase to obtain your 5% discount. We cannot support club/forum discounts if purchases are made on our web site using PayPal or Amex. Purchases made using PayPal or Amex in combination with our 5% discount code will be refunded and there are costs involved plus possible exchange rate fluctuations.
This is what I tell customers buying our product when I send them the instructions and reiterate when we ship the goods:
‘Your complete instruction set is attached.
Don't forget: The cruise module is pre-calibrated. Simply follow the installation instructions step by step until the cruise is completely installed.
Next, use the Setup Manual to go into diagnostic mode and test all cruise functions.
You should not need to perform any of the calibration procedures. The cruise control may benefit from some fine tuning, but should work fine as it is.
Critical points to follow:
1. Lubricate the throttle grip AND cables exactly as we specify;
2. Ensure you set up the free-play in the carburettor cable as we recommend and confirm in diagnostic mode.
3. If you have a problem, don’t waste time hunting through diagnostics when we can almost certainly point you straight to the problem. Simply EMAIL us with a brief description of the problem and a phone number and we will call you as soon as possible and diagnose the cause and advise how to fix it. This applies whether you do it or a trained mechanic.
4. Go for a ride and assess two SEPARATE performance indicators:
a. a) when you press the SET key and after holding the throttle for a ½ second or so and feeling the cruise take over(it has to take up freeplay – and the faster you are travelling, the more freeplay it needs to take up before applying throttle: so it takes time to do it) – then feel whether the bike holds the SET speed exactly or whether the speed sags and then climbs back to SET speed; or pushes and then fades back to SET speed. Note how it performs and let us know if it doesn’t go straight to SET speed;
b. Once the cruise is engaged and on SET speed, observe whether it holds that speed without noticeable surges and decelerations. If it wanders around SET speed more than 1mph (2kph) and you can feel it, let us know by email and we can call to discuss the exact symptoms and how to remedy it.
I hope that helps.
How did you hear about us – or find us?’
Best regards,
Tony Guymer
Director, MotorCycle Cruise Controls
6 Kingston St, Mount Waverley, Victoria, 3149 AUSTRALIA
Ph [span]+613 9808 2804[/span][span id=skype_c2c_container][span][span id=non_free_num_ui][/img][span]+613 9808 2804[/span][span][/span][/span][/span][/span] Fax +613 9808 2445
Email: sales@mccruise.com Web Site: www.mccruise.com
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