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Suspension compatibility


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I have a 2015 Fj-09 from auction and am in the process of repair/replacement. My biggest project is repairing/replacing the triples and front shocks. The internal parts look good, however, the upper/lower units on one and lower on the other are bent/broken past repair. The reviews and speck charts list the size and travel as identical to the FZ-09,  with internal changes.  Does anyone know:
[span]    [/span][span]    [/span][span]    [/span][span]    [/span]if I can use the FZ-09 or other models/brands upper/lower tubes,
[span]    [/span][span]    [/span][span]    [/span][span]    [/span]use other models/brands complete shocks and/or triples?
Thank you,
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