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Givi E21N side cases, end of line sale

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Moto24, despite the URL, is a German firm that ships worldwide. Cost is £82 or €114 shipped to UK/EU
Givi have replaced the E21N cases with the E22N (Kappa have done the same, from K21N to K22N). The Givi/Kappa products are identical apart from branding. 
The newer cases have a sloping top giving 1 litre more capacity and an alleged streamlining effect. The base appears identical. 
Tommo has the E21 cases on his bike, see http://fj-09.org/post/25953 from where I have nicked this picture
For comparison, the newer E22N cases are shown here http://www.givi.co.uk/side-hardbags/Monokey/E22 
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