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New bike, crash cage on the way. Luggage question

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Bought a 2015 FJ-09 last Saturday :) Already put 700 miles on her and the first oil change from the dealer in Wednesday. I went ahead and bought the service plan. (I know I know, I shouldn't have lol) Anywho, I pulled the trigger on the Higdonion Cage today and look forward to posting pictures and hopefully a good review. One question I do have. How does the luggage rack work? Everywhere I look, I'm seeing prices for luggage RACKS but not luggage bags. Where can I get both? Or rather, the Yamaha bags if they aren't too bad. Otherwise I'll get a different rack system with better bags. Any suggestions would be great. 
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I absolutely love my luggage setup. It required two rack purchases, one for the topbox and one for the sides. This is expected for any of the systems of hard luggage including the Yamaha standard stuff. I dont recommend those. Based on what I have read they are small and oddly shaped inside. My setup may not be for you, thats your decision. Here it is:
Hepco Becker TC Orbit 54 top case
Hepco Becker Alurack (replaces stock grab bars, looks awesome)
Givi PLXR Racks
Givi V5 side boxes
Good luck designing your system. It's fun but prepare your wallet for some serious flogging :)
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Givi/Kappa (same company) luggage is modular - there are bike specific kits for topbox and sidecase racks. Look for Monokey fitments. Once you have the racks you can fit cases from 21 litres to 58 litres.
I have the Givi topbox rack used with an E45 box and Givi side case rails. I use either Kappa K40 or Givi E21 side cases depending on what I am up to.
I am in the UK so quoting prices is pointless. Prices direct from the home country of Italy can be cheaper. That's where I got some of my stuff from. Just look on Ebay as there are several vendors who will ship worldwide. If you want a US source then Revzilla stock Givi stuff.
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