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Galfer Brake lnes


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As far as I know I'm the first to change the brake lines. I'll try to get some pics but I don't think it would be useful, tough to see anything down there!
Be aware this is a dirty dog of a job. The ABS unit is located past the gas tank half under the hinge for the tank. The lines themselves are line-metal-line going back through the frame. I was unable to disconnect the lines from the blocks they connect too. Whoever installed them must have looked like the Hulk because the /nuts deformed before I could get them off. Because I couldn't get them off. Because it was ridiculously tight  :(
So out came the tin snips. I'm embarrassed to say it but I just lost it on those lines, snip, snip and out they came. The Galfer lines replace all the satanic connections with one long line that looks great. The connections take a little twisting to line up, which is kind of annoying. But now they are on. I Mity vac'd the lines before removing so I am a little dreading trying to re-prime the ABS unit.
You need to remove the plastic bits, the tank and the airbox to get at them. Fortunately this was disassembled as I am also changing clutch and throttle cables. I'll see if I can get some decent pics for y'all. Just be aware this is not for the faint of heart!
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I missed your post and you may not have seen mine from April 2016.  I also replaced my brake lines with Galfer SS. Yes, a bit tricky; I'm guessing the Yamaha FJ-09 assembly line begins with the steel brake lines and builds the entire bike around them.
After I made the swap, I was very pleased with the results: From 75%-99% lever force, I now get more braking, instead of brake line expansion.  
I have to give credit to the Galfer rep at the tent at Austin MotoGP. I was sure I needed different pads (more bite), and he said: "Start with the brake lines, your caliper and master cylinder have plenty of potential."  He was right.
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