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FZ convert in Georgia


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Hey folks, tomorrow I start the paperwork on my red 2015 FJ-09.  I sold my 2014 Blazing Orange FZ-09 on Saturday to make room in the garage.  I work in a multi-line dealership and we took the FJ in on trade about a week and a half ago.  I liked my FZ so much that I wanted to play with the tourer too and decided it was worth the upgrade.
Immediate plans for the new girl in my life includes hard bags (probably the Yamaha accessory ones, haven't decided), a short windscreen, and the GB racing case covers that I saved from the FZ.  I saved my detachable Yamaha soft bags too but part of the reason I wanted the FJ is that hard luggage suited it better.  Later on I'll do the exhaust/tuner/AIS block off combo like I had with the FZ but I prioritize usefulness over fun with my upgrades.
Anywho I'm glad to be here and excited to get to work on my new toy.
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