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Givi EA110 fixed base tank bag


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Hi, i want to share with you a nice and useful option for a tank bag instead the "classical" magnetic and tanklock types.
I think that the tanklock system (by Givi/Kappa, but there are lots of similar systems, like the one from SWMotech or the original by Yamaha) bags are cool and easy to use, but i don't like their look, they are way too far from the tank and their flat rigid base make their look not so well "integrated" with the "curvy" tank of an enduro-like bike like the Tracer.
I think that the only tanklock bag which seems good with our bike (in my opinion) is the Givi XS308:
But's quite expensive (100€ + 15€ for the tanklock).
Magnetic ones are good too, but i don't think that they are good for the FJ, the upper magnets can't grapple on the tank because of the plastic parts of it.
So, for a medium sized bag, with map pocket, easy of use and look, i choose the Givi EA110 (it's cheap too, 65€), here some photos of it, sorry for the quality!
fd9274467961268.jpg 56f1f4467961436.jpg 7bcc51467961645.jpg 80f35d467961847.jpg 379420467962000.jpg 673670467962214.jpg 0f94a4467962400.jpg 2366c1467962554.jpg a9168d467962714.jpg 5cec97467962946.jpg 966cf5467963156.jpg 10aa3c467963312.jpg
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