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New from Kansas City, MO


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I've been lurking for about a year trying to figure out what my next bike will be.  Was riding 1999 Triumph Sprint ST and love most everything about it except for the forward lean position.  The mid-range torque was fantastic.
The Triumph weighs about 550# with bags and I'm not getting any younger at 62 years.  I'm also short in stature with a 30" inseam.  I do not commute but rather take trips.  One of the most frequent is to Arkansas for the smooth roads and curves til the cows come home.  My rear tire is always hashed to the edges.
Unfortunately most of the motorcycles with at least 900cc don't fit me - they are just too tall.  The Sport-Touring market just faded away.  I know, Honda does the VFR800 but it has no torque, got to flog it to get up in the power band.  The VFR1200 is too heavy (and a little dorky).  Triumph abandoned the Sprint concept and their 1050's are too tall (ones with bags).  Rented a nice BMW 800GT but not enough motor.  Rented the BMW S1000RT with bags - GREAT motor but too tall.   Looked at the Ninja 1000 with bags but has no center stand.  Really looked hard at the Motus but oh my!  $30K is a check I wouldn't write.
The weather was starting to turn warm and I got a wild hair to put the Triumph on Craigslist - darn if the first guy cashed in and took it with him.
Popped for the FJ-09 and we'll see how it works out.  If you see me in KC or Arkansas give me a wave I might just have cold drink money with me.
Paul Wisner
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Welcome to the club!
I had a 2006 Sprint ST and loved it. First triple I owned, and I was hooked. Ended up getting a Daytona for track days, but when my commute increased, I had to find a better daily driver...thus the FJ. This bike makes me smile in my helmet in ways I never did on the Sprint. Put it in "A" mode and turn off the traction control and it's a hooligan. Put on the bags and the missus and bump it to "Standard" mode and it's great for a ride-to-eat on the other side of the state.
Let us know how you're liking it.
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