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FZ-09 bars on FJ-09

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Short answer, don't waste your time/money. Yes, they are 2" narrower (this is IMO is a good thing), but none of the holes drilled in the FZ-09 bars match up so you have to drill your own holes. Also,  the FZ-09 has shorter risers so the FZ-09 clutch cable isn't long enough, had to run it behind the fork leg (it works fine now but will get a Motion Pro 2" over FZ-09 cable without the metal at the lever end).The sweep/angle of the FZ-09 bars is [em]slightly[/em] more angled, but it's so insignificant that I couldn't get a pic that even showed the difference.If I were to do it again, I'd cut 1" off each end of the stock bars, tap with a M16 1.5 tap, carefully measure and drill your new switch/throttle holes 1" in, and get a cable from Motion Pro like mentioned above. We like the feel of the FZ bars, sportier/less arms flapping in the breeze, but you can basically accomplish the same thing with the stock bars, a hacksaw, a tap & a new clutch cable.
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