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Clutch Cable Replacement now what did I do¿


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Replaced cable yesterday at 6900 miles. Got so stiff on last rid e I was getting arm pump. Routed it through tied to old cable but now hardly any tension at lever. Mounted clutch arm and tension spring just like how they came off but the tension at the lever is barely enough to bring it out to the fully extended position.
Any ideas or solutions fellas¿
What should have been an easy repair has got me stumped.
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I'll lay money that the actuator has become disconnected inside the clutch housing.  It's a fairly easy fix.
It's a rack and pinion assembly. The rack is on the pull rod, and the pinion is on the shaft from the actuator arm. I suspect these have become disengaged.
you will need to take the clutch side cover off (bear in mind it is a wet clutch, but if you have the bike on the prop stand the engine oil level will be below the bottom edge of the case).  If you're doing it properly you will need to replace the gasket, but often if you take something off an stick it back on you get away with it...your call.
so, (obviously keep everything clean and do not allow dirt or foreign matter to ingress)
1. Remove the plastic trim cover thingy
2. Remove the Clutch Cover
3. Remove gasket
4.Locate the pull rod (in the centre of the clutch), position the teeth so they are facing at about 5 o'clock
[there should be lithium soap grease on the pull rod, so you put a smear on at this point if it is dry.  Don't over do it though.]
5. Then reinstall the clutch cover (fitting a new gasket, or taking a chance on the old (your call)) ensuring the teeth of the actuator arm engage with the pull arm.
6. Bolts should be tightened in a criss-cross pattern to 12Nm (and don't forget to add the plastic trim thingy, and not leave it off by accident)
7. Then adjust the clutch cable as usual.
(this is my opinion, and it is your responsibility to make sure that this is correct, and that you are competent to undertake this)  once you take the side cover off you're not going to be able to move the bike again easily until its back together.
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Ordered 2 stock cables. I did remove the arm at the clutch to enableremoving the cable easier. Marked the arm and the teeth to put it on the same position. There's hardly any play at the lever so probably have to try your fix eeetea. Thanks for the responses to both of you. I'll chime back with the outcome.
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