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I'll be riding from my home in Indiana to my brother's home in Denver, CO in July. I'm planning to ride the 1,100+ miles straight through in less than 24 hours, rain or shine, and earn my IBA membership. I can't find clarification on the IBA website, and have not received an answer to my inquiry, but I'm told that they prefer that your beginning and ending witnesses are not family members. Are there any members in the Denver area that would be willing to meet me at my end destination (gas station closest to my brother's house) and sign off as my end witness? I'm willing to fill up your tank while I fill mine ( as long as tank sizes are comparable, don't show up in a truck with a 30 gallon tank.)
Also, while I'm there, I plan to see some local sites, including riding up Pike's Peak. If anyone in the area would like meet up and show me some good twisty roads, let me know.
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Tip, for any one who is planning on doing an Iron Butt ride. PICK GAS STATIONS THAT HAVE A ATTENDANT. My friend stopped for his final gas up and end receipt. No receipt came out of the pump. OUT OF PAPER (this could have happened at any stop). Now, what are you going to do? The station had no attendant at this time of the morning. He did come up with an answer but, what if going back later in the morning, after the station opened, produced a receipt with the time stamp when it was created. Not when you filled up. Picking A station with an attendant means just walking inside and getting a receipt. It sure beats having the melt down my friend did, in the we hours of the morning, all buy him self at some lonely gas station. He laughs about it now. Hope this helps someone.
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