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ECU Connector Pins


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 I have the Flash Tune bike harness for a FJ-09 and when installing the wires I messed up an switched the orange and red wires when plugging into my ECU connector plug. In my haste I pulled the wire back out but it came free from the metal pin which was left in the plug. I was able to re-insert the bare wires into the plug and then checked with an ohmmeter to ensure there was a connection and was able to complete the flash, however I don't trust this solution long term. I was hoping you guys could tell me how to go about removing the pin from the plug so that I can properly re-crimp it and/or where I can buy a new pin if I damage them during removal.
Or if anyone knows what specific type of connector or pin that is used for the ECU or any general advise on pulling wires from these connectors. 
Flash Tune support is helping me out, but they need pictures of the connector and nothing I can find on the internet is sufficient (including their own instructions apparently) to tell me what pin I need. Not sure why they can't just call the factory and ask what they use on the product they sell. 
I was hoping to get the tools and pins needed so I can fix it properly while I have the tank off in my upcoming spark plug replacement. 
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I would love to know that part number as well. Just a piece to add to the emergency kit.
As for removing it there should be a slot you can push a small screwdriver or pin into to allow the connector to slide out. If you cant find a picture Ill see if I have a spare plug of some kind to demonstrate.
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