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Greetings from North Florida


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Hello All, 
I've been lurking around this site for a couple weeks. Last week I took delivery of my 2015 FJ-09. It was a leftover (new) unit at my local dealer and I got a screaming deal on it. I traded my 2015 Honda NC700X and I'm loving every minute of my new FJ.  I also have a 2014 Concours 14 which was my preferred ride. Now I'm not so sure. They are both a blast to ride, but this Yamaha has something special about it.  A little tame, a little wild, always a fun time. Not a rocket ship like the Connie, but so very entertaining nonetheless.
I've got lots of plans for mods and I've already gained a lot of knowledge by researching posts on here, so thank you for having this site for all of us to share experiences and tips and insight. I'm sure it comes as no surprise, the very first item on my wishlist is a windshield! I've never had a bike where a windshield makes more noise and turbulence than nothing at all. Anyway, that's coming soon. Then levers, some hard bags, and heated grips for those chilly North Florida morning commutes. Beyond that I just can't wait to get past the break in period so I can let this thing rip.  Secretly, I did crack it open a few times (with TC off of course) just for kicks. Don't tell Yamaha. I'll try to behave until 1000 miles. Maybe. 
I don't know if I'll post much here unless I have some questions. I'm not always the most social or outspoken. I did want to introduce myself and if anyone is in the North Florida/South GA area, I'm always up for some good rides. 
Cheers everyone, and ride safe!
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