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Quick question about rear turn signals

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I know the fronts use a Yamaha proprietary connector for the 3 leads.
Do the rears use the same connector with one of the leads being unused or does it just use the generic individual wire connectors?
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Thanks for the response.
I'm going to try to get a set of Tenere signals. I will not be sacrificing the connectors from my existing signals and will be getting ones from Custom LED. So if anyone knows which two wires on the connector I should actually use, please let me know.
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Good idea to use Super Tenere signal lights. Please let us know how that works out.  

At least two other users here have already done it: https://fj-09.org/thread/5060/front-turn-signal-options 
However, I've only seen pictures of the front and I'm attempting to do both fronts and rears, so I might be the first member to do that.
It's pricey and still requires splicing/soldering (Tenere unfortunately uses a different type of connector from the FJ), but I personally like the Tenere signals better than any other.
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