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Lurker from Quebec City

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Hi All,
I was looking to change my F800GT for a brand new FZ-09 2017. Then I realize that I wanted to add everything the FJ already have.
My problem with the FJ is that I am 28 instream so I need the lower seat + the 15 mm lower suspension option. Then it's sits at the same height of the FZ-09.
So this could be an option.
The other positive points are:
larger gas tank, better instrument display, better luggage options a brand-new FJ-09 2016 is the same price of the FJ-09 2017.
Only difference is that the 2016 does not have the new slipper assist clutch and new traction control. Probably not a biggie.
The FZ and FJ are still in the race. I will be trying both tomorrow afternoon also a Kawasaki Z900 ABS, Suzuki GSX-S750 and 1000F later this week.
I have been riding for 4 years. I started with a CB500X that I sold to my GF last year. This bike is amazingly comfortable and fun to ride. My GF loves it.
I have been riding 20K km on the F800GT from last year until now.
Since I am short I have the low seat option but this is putting me in a cramped position. I am very uncomfortable. This bike is a pleasure to ride and has no fault but the position does not suits me.
I will let you know what I chose and I am interested on your thoughts...
Thank you,
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Good luck, hope you like the bike when you do the test drive. It's a lot of fun to ride. I'm a 30" inseam and it is very comfortable, not sure how much the extra 2" will make.
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