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  1. I switched my stock tires to PR5's and I really like them a lot. I commute during the week, and ride for fun in the mountains on weekends when the weather is warmer. I do think the freeway flattens the tires when commuting, and I have to remember to get out and ride around in a circles every once in a while to knock them down. But I have no complaints about the tires. Grip is good, great wet weather traction, and you can really feel them grip the road. Thy typically run about $500 for the pair.
  2. Just change your oil, none of the other stuff will make a difference. We aren't racing at the highest levels, just riding, commuting, and all around having fun. Your engine won't blow up if you use synthetic oil right out of the dealership, and waiting to change your oil until 5000 or even 10000 miles won't make the bike blow up either. Go ride, and have fun!
  3. I commute 35-45 minutes each way to work. I bought a Sena 20S Bluetooth communication system for my helmet so I can listen to music and chat with my buddies when we do our annual summer treks. I have been using in-ear buds, which plug directly into the Sena unit on the side of the helmet. This setup works pretty well, the ear buds help protect my ears from the engine and wind noise, but let me clearly hear the music or radio. The problem? It is a pain in the butt to get the ear buds in, route the cords so it doesn’t bind when I turn my head, and make sure everything is connected and working. And I have to do it each time I start the bike. I tried scrapping the headphones and listening to the internal helmet speakers directly, but without something in my ears, the engine and wind noise was too loud to hear the music well, and it hurt my ears. When I put ear plugs in, I couldn’t hear the music very well. Ideally I would like a set of ear buds that are comfortable to wear, let the music through, yet block the engine and road noise. (if such a thing actually exists) Anyone have any suggestions? and what do you use on your bike during commuting and/or long trips. Thanks, David
  4. The Pit Bull's are nice, but very expensive! I opted to buy from Harbor Freight and get a knock-off that I have been using for 5+ years at less than half the price. Works great, and has never given me any issues.
  5. That's a good deal. I've had my Corbin seat since 2015 and I love it. As for my stock seats, I loaned them to another FJ-09 rider and now I can't find him or my seats.........
  6. Weather is in the 60's with 70's and dry predicted for most of this week. Cleaned the bike up, adjusted the chain, ordered a new shield for my helmet, I'm thinking I may have a recurrence of my amnesia, and forget how to get home from work a few days this week.
  7. Agree with Betoney as well.... My only suggestion would be skip the heated grips, and get heated riding gear (gloves & jacket). I installed the heated grips and found the heat to be very harsh, even if you set it at low. The heated gear provides much more comfortable heat, and you can take it to another bike easily. Cost for both the jacket and gloves was around $300-350, a little higher than the grip, but much better for riding, and you can take them with you when you upgrade to a new bike.
  8. And it's still snowing in Seattle...... We still have about 18 inches on the ground, although at least the streets are now clear
  9. What an amazing story, thanks for sharing.......
  10. I think both are valuable, but as micah2074 says above, for different kinds of events....
  11. Wow, those look like exactly what I need, but they don't ship to the US! Bummer.......
  12. I'm looking to add some additional lighting to my 2015 FJ-09, and I have some 12v lights I bought a long time ago, but never used. After looking for a good mounting place, I think the easiest mounting solution is going to be towards the top of the gold forks. I'm thinking about getting a clamp for each fork (with a rubber pad underneath to help protect the fork), and mounting a flat piece of metal to span the gap between the two forks. I can then drill a hole in the metal, and mount the lights to that flat metal piece. Before I go buy anything and waste my time, has anyone done anything like this? I don't want to damage the forks, and if someone has a better method, I'm interested in hearing about it. Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions.
  13. Your bike has plenty of juice to run your heated gear, unless you have a ton of other electrical devices already installed. You will love the heated gear, very toasty on cold days.
  14. Mine are also super hot, although I've never tried to see how hot they get at idle. I'm always riding when I turn them on. I also find the heat to be very harsh, I don't use mine much anymore, I just use the heated gloves. It is a much more comfortable heat.