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  1. I started talking to a fellow rider in the garage under my office, and was amazed at how clean his jacket was. My First Gear yellow reflective jacket is kind of dingy now after 4-5 years of riding/commuting. No matter how I wash it, it just doesn't get as clean as his does. When I asked what he did to keep his so clean, he said that when it rains, he puts a light wind breaker over the jacket. Curious if others have tried this trick, or if you have another solution that you want to share......
  2. Having worked in a motorcycle shop before, I can tell you, they don't do all that work before the throttle body synch. (unless you agree to pay them for those items too)
  3. $108.89 including tax at O'Reilly's Auto Parts. It has already lasted longer than my stock battery did.....
  4. FR8Dog - curious, what brand and weight gear oil are you using?
  5. Wow I never knew that! Speaking of sharing small tidbits of FJ09 knowledge......... Today I got on the bike and turned the key and pressed the start button, but nothing happened. No noise, nothing. Hmmmmm. Tried again, same thing. After the third time, I get off the bike and start looking around for an obvious cause. And the answer was......... The little trigger attached the side stand was stuck, and was telling the bike the side stand was down. I laughed, wiped it clean, manually moved the lever up and down a few times, and drove it home, where I properly lubricated it in hopes it doesn't happen again.
  6. I agree with rustyshackles, my 2015 FJ09 has been very reliable, no issues, just standard maintenance. That being said, I would expect a bike with that many miles and an original 2015 to be less than 5K. That doesn't make it a bad deal, you can always negotiate the price, but I would want a better deal.
  7. 2015 - 26,500 miles Started commute to work on the bike in December 2018 (rain or shine) I do most of the maintenance myself, except when I don't have the specialty tools Shell Rotella T6 oil every 4,000 miles and always change the oil filter when I change the oil
  8. just replaced my chain and sprockets at 26K miles, and they were toast! Probably should have replaced it earlier, but I was commuting to work in Seattle in the winter. No reason to replace a chain until the sun came out in the Spring...... Replaced the tires too
  9. just put the 2nd pair of PR5's on my bike this past weekend. Got ~15,000 miles on the first pair, and they have great grip and feel.
  10. Got new Michelin PR5 tires (front & rear), new chain, and new sprockets (front and rear), replaced brake fluid (front and rear) Bike rides like new!
  11. Sunny and 80 degrees today in Seattle, although still too many cars. Interestingly enough, in the garage at work where I park my bike, the motorcycle spots are all full these days, so they commandered another 3 car parking places for motorcycles. How cool is that!
  12. Thats what I have and it works great! and I only do the synch when the bike starts sounding rough. I'm a firm believer in the " if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy.... When I first got the bike, I followed the owners manual suggestion on repair timing, but I wasted a lot of time doing things that didn't need to be done. Maybe it provides peace of mind that you know it is all ok, but now I just wait until I detect things are off a bit, and then figure out what I need to adjust/fix. Can't tell you how many dealers have told me they don't even do the synch according to the manual either.
  13. I have the shad side cases, and ride with them every day to work and back. I've never bumped them with my boot