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  1. The washers are very cheap (<$1), so I buy a handful and replace them every time I change my oil. Honestly, I would feel really stupid if that ended up being what caused me to get stuck somewhere.
  2. Yep, not sure it actually helped, but made me feel better. Oil is cheap, engines are expensive, If the bike sits for ~3 months or more without turning on, I would change the oil and oil filter. That also forces me to look around the bike and potentially spot any other issues that I might have missed if I had just climbed on and started riding. I'm not suggesting everyone should follow my routine, just describing what I feel comfortable doing....
  3. I had the same experience, only replaced my plugs when I did my valves.....
  4. Oil and filter change is a cheap thing to do at home, so I do mine every 3000 miles. Yes, it is probably overkill, but clean oil won't hurt your bike, and I always feel better running with fresh oil and a new filter. Before I started riding year round, I would always change the oil when I put the bike down for the winter, and change it again before I took the first ride in Spring. Now I just change it first weekend after I hit 3000 miles since my last change.
  5. I've hit 200 miles a few times, but get too nervous to go further than that. I know the bike has more range, because when I fill up after running 200 miles, I don't even come close hitting the fuel capacity of the tank (as stated by Yamaha). I bought an extra fuel container, when I first got my FJ 09, but stopped carrying it about a year after I got the bike. I know I can go 200+ miles, and when I get to 150 miles, I start looking for gas. I haven't had a situation where I couldn't find gas with 50 miles left in the tank. I also have an AMA membership which will get me a fuel delivery if I do ever run out. My 2 cents....
  6. Just a shout-out and thank you to the folks who responded and helped me with my project. I completed the work and am very happy with the results. I installed the yoshimura fender eliminator kit, and the Custom LED integrated tail light replacement. I also added a FuzeBlock for adding additional electrical devices down the road. (And I got rid of that hideous tail section Yamaha keeps shipping with these bikes) The hardest part was splicing the wire for the switched circuit. Not really all that hard, but I was very nervous about cutting into the wires of a brand spanking new bike. No issues, as I had plenty of help from members on the forum to make sure I was successful. The brake light is super bright, and has multiple patterns you can choose from to increase visibility as you are slowing/stopping. (I had one of these on my 2015 FJ 09 too) The tail tidy required me to connect wires for the light over the license plate somewhere for electricity. I opted to just run it into the fuze block for simplicity. Of course now that all it set up, weather forecast is for 2-4 inches of snow, so I likely won't get a chance to ride much for the next few days. Thanks to all who responded to my questions, you were all a huge help!
  7. I use the blaster x in the rear, it integrates the turn signals into the brake light, I haven't found a solution for the front signals yet.....
  8. I always find things I need to do with a new bike. When I got my tracer, I added the following items: Yoshimura Fender Eliminator Kit to remove the hideous tail end piece Blaster X tail light with multiple flashing options to make me much more visible from the rear Fuze Block to add electrical pieces easier Electrical connection to run my heated jacket/gloves Radiator screen Denali sound bomb horn Denali Lights Garmin GPS Mount Madstad windscreen
  9. Clutch cable problems and CCT issues were a problem back in 2015 when the bike was released, but I haven't heard anyone recently having issues with either of those items. Yamaha redesigned the clutch cable so the bend at the handlebar isn't so tight. I think they also changed the CCT back in 2015, and paid to replace them for anyone who started having issues. I haven't heard about this issue in a very long time. Here is my list, in no particular order: New windshield, the stock on the Tracer is better on the FJ 09, but the Madstad version is better still Fuze Block - as you start to add accessories, you will quickly run out of places to plug them in, the Fuze Block solves that problem. Heated Gear - wired to your motorcycle - at least the jacket and gloves - even if you ride in the summer, night time can be chilly. BlasterX tail light - much brighter and flash patterns that really get the attention of the cars behind you Radiator Grill - you already mentioned this, but it is an inexpensive mod and can save you from a random rock stranding you on the highway Crash bars to protect the bike from fall overs Lighting - Get yourself some Denali lights, especially if you think you might end up riding early in the AM or past sunset. The stock lights are pretty poor New Seat??? On my 2015 FJ 09 I bought a corbin custom seat and loved it. My new Tracer 900 has a much better seat, but I'm still trying to figure out if I will keep it, or buy another after-market seat. GPS and GPS Mount for your bike - keep the GPS in your line of sight, so you don't have to look down to see the GPS Top/Side Cases - you will need a lot of storage, and you should also get waterproof interior bags for your luggage. Having removable bags in the cases make it easy to grab the soft bags when you get to your hotel each night and walk into your room. Denali Sound bomb horn - the stock horn can't be heard on the highway, and sounds more like the Roadrunner cartoon character than an actual vehicle horn. Get a high quality helmet with good sound protection, noise on the highway can mess up your ears. I use Decibullz, but any high quality ear plug should help. Bluetooth helmet communicator - even if you are riding alone, being able to hear your music and podcasts is priceless. If you are riding with others, you can talk to each other hands free. And if you haven't already done the following, you might want to before you head out: Suspension adjustment for your height/weight - including the weight of the gear you will be carrying on the bike. ECU Flash - can help resolve many issues on the bike And Finally, get an AMA membership if you don't have one. Towing is expensive, and they provide good benefits for riders who are a long way from home. Hope you have a great time, I envy you. I'll be taking some longer trips this summer, but the big trips will have to wait until retirement.
  10. Hoping someone with more electrical expertise than I have can help me out. Electrical stuff always befuddles me, but I have done my share of electrical work by taking it slow and asking when I'm not sure. I bought my 2019 Tracer 900 GT, and replaced the rear end with a Custom LED tail light. Blinkers are integrated into the tail light, and the installation went very easily. At the end of the install, I realized that my license plate light didn't have a source for power, so I don't have a light on my plate right now. (Red wire in the picture is the wire from the license plate tail light) I am also about to install a fuze block next week. (It has been ordered, and is on it's way to me as we speak.) I think I have two options: Splice a switched wire on the bike, so I can connect the license plate light to that wire and get the license plate light to come on when I turn the key on. I think one of the three wires coming out of the white connector (blue, yellow, black) is switched, and that is what I installed the Fuze Block on my old FJ 09. Anyone know which wire color is the switched one? I can also wait for the fuze block, and run the license plate wires into the fuze block on one of the switched sections. This will still require me to splice a switched wire for the fuze block anyway, so I think waiting for the fuze block, and installing that first makes the most sense. Advantage of installing the license plate light directly to the wire behind the white connector is that it saves a space on the fuze block, but I'm not sure if that creates any safety issues rather than just running it into the fuze block directly. I did this on my old 2015 FJ 09, and If I remember correctly, I cut one of the three wires (yellow/blue/black) coming out of the white connector, and then re-connected the two wires I just cut along with the wire that goes into the fuze block for switched power. Anyone know which of the three wires (blue/yellow/black) are switched? Sorry this is so long, and any help is appreciated......... Image 1 - red wire is for the license plate light mounted on top of my license plate holder - right now it has no power. Black wire is grounded to the screw just to the left of the wire. Image 2 - PIcture of wire plug with color wires (Blue/Yellow/Black) - Which one is Power?
  11. I ordered mine a few weeks ago when I bought my tracer, and latest I heard was delivery mid January. I got the rack and installed it a few weeks ago, but no top cases seem to be available right now.
  12. I bought a Tracer GT today, replacing my 2015 FJ09. Somewhere north of 44K miles Love this engine......
  13. My personal opinion is that changing the oil every 3K miles has a lot to do with how long and how well the bike performs. Betoney is right under that mark at an average of 2933 miles between oil changes.
  14. Anyone know when the 2020's will be in the showrooms? No dealer in the Pacific Northwest has any idea when they will get the new bikes......
  15. Is anyone still looking for seats? I have both front and rear for sale.....