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  1. I have taken my bike to a motorcycle suspension shop to have mine adjusted, but I didn't replace any of the parts or fork internals. It did improve the ride significantly, and I'm sure if I had replaced parts it would be even better. But, cost was an issue and in the end, I'm very happy with the performance after the changes.
  2. I have used the Madstad screens since I have been riding the FJ-09 and Tracer many years ago. I think they are well made and effective. But not pretty....... But I guess that is in the eye of the buyer now isn't it.........
  3. No question, Advanced Rider Courses will make you a better rider, but you should be prepared to drop your bike during the class. You can sometimes rent a bike and use theirs, but your skills will improve more if you are riding your own bike. Certainly add protective gear to protect the bike in the event of a fall. If you really don't like the protection, you can remove the gear after the class. As one instructor told me, if you aren't falling, you aren't learning......
  4. Well that is a subjective thing to define. It is a triple, which does lend it to be a bit rumbly, but I frequently ride long distances (ie cross country) and I have never found it to be uncomfortable or difficult to ride long distances. A test drive should be able to help you assess the vibration level. But remember, it's not a Harley, it is a modern motorcycle built in Japan (and France I think)
  5. The shop used the oil from their drum, I replaced it with Rotella T6 as soon as I got home.
  6. When I was in Seattle, it was cold in the winter and the bike didn't get out much due to the snow and cold. I did keep it on a tender, but new batteries are less than $100, so I just replace them after 2 years and keep my peace of mind.....
  7. I agree, on my tracer 900 GT I just drove it home and changed the oil. Of course it was winter in Seattle, so I wasn't going to do any long rides in that weather, but I got a good deal on the bike......... After that I change the oil every 3000 miles or so....
  8. I'm with Eventhorizon, I will wait a bit more. It's not that I think the technology is bad, but the old batteries work fine. If I need to shed weight, going on a diet would be my first step. I'd hate to blow up my rear end just to lose a few lbs of weight. I know the odds are these things are safe, but I'll give it a bit more time before I jump in.
  9. I replaced the unknown new oil they added at the shop with Rotella T6 - thats the only oil I use on my Tracer 900 gt
  10. I have also been using Shell Rotella T6 for years, and wouldn't use anything else. I just took my bike to have a safety check at my local mechanic, and when I arrived he told me he replaced the oil as a courtesy. When I asked him what oil he used, I just replaced the oil with Rotella T6 when I got back home.....
  11. Yep, I had the same issue. I adjusted the height by adding shims under the front lip of the tank where the front of the seat meets the tank.
  12. Mine stays at the top line, I check every time I do an oil change and haven't seen any loss - currently around 31K miles.
  13. Well, if you live in IL, that might be a problem given the extended winters and weather But in Sunny California, you can ride year round, and that puts a lot of road grime and crud on the bike. I typically clean mine after about 3 or 4 rides, or when the bike ends up coated with grime.