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  1. I love my PR5's and when I need new tires this spring, I'll get another pair. They wear well, and handle wonderfully. Especially in the Pacific Northwest rain.....
  2. I 2nd Wordsmith's comments. Curious what kind of a difference you notice with the new lines..... Please share!
  3. agree with Norcal616, this is a pretty common fuse at any auto parts store. Or Amazon next day delivery (if you live in an area where you have the option)
  4. Years ago, I had a boat that needed the back bench seat replaced. I figured "How hard can it be" and quickly learned I had no clue what I was doing. After a weekend of frustration, I took the boat to a qualified upholstery shop and had them fix my sorry attempt. Cost me a little extra since I started it on my own, but I was just happy to be done with the project.
  5. They are a good company, and been around a long while. Many members have bought his products, and I've never heard a bad word about him or the quality of the products. Low, low risk, but it's your money.
  6. Well I've never been called smart before in my life, and I do sometimes ride my 2015 FJ09 on light gravel and dirt roads. It's almost a necessity in the area where I live. If the road / trail is pretty flat, without big rocks everywhere, you are probably ok. But I for one, would be very uncomfortable riding a 2015 off road on anything technical due to the oil pan issue. I put the Volkswagen oil pan screw on my bike to ensure the pan isn't the low point on the bike. The Higdonion cage is a good idea, especially if you are going to ride off-road frequently. Bottom Line - Off road is not a specialty for this bike, tread carefully (no pun intended.....)
  7. I guess I'm not the only one that does that "S" thing in my own lane......... sometimes, I look for things to swerve around... Gotta love this bike!
  8. Image of what I found in mine. I thought I remember a screwdriver phillips head on one end, flat on the other, but I must have misplace it. btw, I keep a proper tool set in my top case, I don't rely on these tools. Hope this helps
  9. I have been thinking about putting stainless steel brake lines on my 2015 FJ 09. Anyone done this mod? And if so, how difficult was the installation, and which brand / model did you install? And finally, how much do you feel it improved the braking on the bike?
  10. Honestly, common sense would tell you not to ride a new bike too aggressively until you are more familiar with it. After 500-600 miles, you are probably past the break in period anyway. I also agree that staying away from redline early in your new bike's life is a good safety precaution, but unlikely to harm the bike.
  11. I bought a plastic measuring cup at O'reilly's auto parts and pour the oil from the container into my measuring cup to make sure I'm filling it up with the right amount of oil. (2.85 US Quarts for an oil and oil filter change) Never had the issue you brought up, but I do notice that the oil is a bit high in the glass when I'm done filling it up.
  12. I have found that if I measure it over a full tank of gas it is pretty accurate, but early in the tank, it is a bit optimistic. Once you ride for a while, you will figure out what your particular bike gets in terms of mpg. My 2015 settled in around 45 mpg, and I figure 200 miles is my range. I know I can get a few miles more, but I'm not interested in getting stuck because I was too stubborn to get gas when the opportunity presented itself.
  13. 2nd on the 2WDW flash, I had mine done back in 2016, and the bike is completely different after the flash...