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Yamaha low seat

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Has one fitted : https://yamabits.co.uk/yamaha-mt-09-tracer-tracer-900-low-seat-rider.html  the spec says 32mm lower than the original seat, seems a lot, any info would  be appreciated, how much lower is the actual seat to ground distance. 
At the moment i have lust racing lowering dog bones fitted  :  http://www.lustracing.co.uk/suspension/yamaha-lowering-kits.html    which lower the bike by 20mm which with my inseam of 5.8" is just right, but i have fitted the Akra titanium exhaust,  which is a lot lower than my previous Motad . So i want to put the original dog bones back on and look to the seat to try and get the 20mm i need. 
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