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New FJ-09 owner in Southern Indiana


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Just bought my new 2016 on July 28.  Couldn't ride this past week, but went out on a 120 mile ride through the hills of S. Indiana today.  Glorious day, great ride.  learning the nuances of this bike compared with my other/older ride... 2006 Triumph Scrambler.  Very different.  The Scrambler will be my around town ride.  I plan to do some traveling with the FJ...to TN, to MO, to MI, etc. ... 200-400 round trip overnighters to visit friends and family.  Maybe a longer trip or two after winter/next spring or summer.
Anyway,  very nice and great fun.  Rode my son's FZ-09 about a month ago and loved it ... but as a 66-yo retiree, I thought the FJ might suit my riding style/goals better.  Got the bags, etc.  Will get heated grips and larger screen soon.
But having fun on either ride.  --wil--
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