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New Quickshift solution for those that had issues before


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I am one of those that had issues with the Flash Tune quick shifter.  To recap, the original design has a harness that connects to your Tip Over Sensor and with an ECU flash, enables Quick Shifts.  On mine, and as I understand, several others, it simply did not work.  It just behaved like nothing was there.  Like the ECU was completely blind to the quick shift sensor.
I have had a ticket open with Flash Tune over the summer as they have worked on bringing out a different solution.  I have finally implemented it and can verify, it now works as advertised and it is nice.
The new harness connects directly to the ECU through the wiring harness.  Instead of going through the Tip Over Sensor, you now add a few pins to blank spots on the connectors that plug into the ECU.  There is no cutting and if you want to remove it, you can simply take those pins right back out.  They just click in and out.
Big thanks to Flash Tune who saw this issue through to resolution and to David at Vcyclenut for providing the flashes as we worked through this.  It took some time, but I'm very happy to report that it has been resolved.
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