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New owner in Australia


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Hello all,
I am a new owner from Australia. It is funny reading about your northern winters as here in Broken Hill our temperatures are sitting in the 40's Celsius. 
I got my Tracer just before Christmas from Yamaha World in Adelaide and rode to Wallaroo where we were visiting the in laws. Next day I rode it home to Broken Hill. There is no Yamaha dealer here so I am getting the 1000k service done at the Suzuki dealer, it is them or the Cf Moto dealer, but I asked when I bought it and they understood that I was 500km from them and 300km from the nearest Yamaha dealer in Mildura.
The Tracer was great on the road except for a lot of noise from the screen but some foam earplugs sorted that out. I will have to experiment a bit with it.
The supension was setup standard and I am not sure what size rider it is designed for. The front end was soggy and the back end bouncy. I am 77kg and have the front preload at maximum, the rider sag is 45mm with 40mm optima but this was without gear so I definitely can't afford to put on weight, and damping 8 clicks out but I might add a little. I have lightened the rear preload by two to settings 2 but will go one more as I am nowhere near the rider sag. It is much improved though and with a little more fine tuning will be comfortable and handle better than my skill level.
I have ordered Kev's O2 Controller and have set the CO to 14 while I  am waiting for it to arrive and that has smoothed the throttle out a lot.
I am also looking at screen options as the standard one is very noisy.
In all I am extatic with the bike. It gives me a massive grin riding it and just have to be careful rhat amazing engine doesn't get me in too much trouble.
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