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Sargent seat welt color...

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Sargent's website doesn't have any pictures of actual color of welts, only a description. Does anyone have a seat with the welt that matches closest to Yamaha "blurple"? I'm guessing deep purplish blue would be closest, but it looks like impact blue might be close also. Thanks for the input
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No help here because I got mine with no welts. I scrape my feet across the seat all the time and was worried that I would split any welts. I also got the DTX (or whatever) material. Got the heated front and non rear.
That said, call them up or message them. They are "regular guys" and will talk shop with whatever you like. You can ask when their next sales are coming up, any military discounts, whatever. I don't see them unwilling to send you a sample. For the price you pay, waiting a couple days for a sample is worth it.
Google images shows it to be pretty close though:
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