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weird brushing sounds in clutch area when coasting

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hello and great to be part of this community. I am only 1 month on my 2016 Tracer 900 here in Belgium (8k km bike) and truly enjoying the bike but coming from a smooth four cylinder some noises do bother me occasionally.
Just wanted to check if it is normal to have some intermittent brushing noises/vibrations when coasting in 5 or 6 gear at ~2.5k RPM in the clutch area (felt only on the right peg)? It feels like some kind of engine braking function...brushing onto something at every revolution?. It only happens when the accelerator is wound back/depressed while coasting (at around 50-60km/h). Other gears all sound normal and no issues when increasing/keeping the speed...should i get this looked at? The bike is quite new with low mileage. 
Thanks for your suggestions
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