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Soon To Be owner Near Toronto

Guest fzrcraig

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Guest fzrcraig
Mod. made an excellent point in another thread, so here goes...
I plan to pick up my grey FJ in early April but with this winter, who knows? I have also ordered the heated grips and tail rack. My '83 GS850 will likely be sold but I do like an old bike. I also have an '89 FZR600 vintage road race bike, a KLX250S and the same Yamaha JT-1 that I learned to ride on.
For years I never seemed to get jazzed about the new bikes, but the FJ seems to cover all the points that I am looking for. 
To have a forum where like-minded fanatics can share thoughts and experiences only furthers our enjoyment of the bikes. I'm looking forward to it.
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