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Engine Bar Fixings


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Hi Guys.
I purchased some Fehling engine bard for my GT, they look the best to me out of the options currently apart from the fixings.
The supplied bolts are just normal M10 x 1.25 with a bit of chrome on them (lipstick on a pig) :)  so I ordered some nice stainless options from Pro Bolt which look great and will not corrode.
The only question I have now is the lower mount relies on removing the lower engine bolt and replacing it with a piece of threaded studding which is threaded the whole length, I don't like it it looks like it could be a moisture trap so I purchased a length of 10mm stainless rod and put a thread on each end. My question id does anybody have a lower engine bolt that they can measure the diameter so I can check that it will pass through the mount, the only reason I ask is the length of studding supplied is a little under 10mm so I'm not sure the engine has a 10mm hole through it or not.
Any help would be much appreciated.  ;)lower-bolt.jpg
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