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titanium pazzo levers

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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
interested to know if you feel the longer clutch lever makes a useful difference to the effort required to pull - i.e. easier?
L of S
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ya its easier . typically holding the cluch in for longer periods. So its nice to use 4 fingers if you want . However i find myself only using 2 fingers on the brake. they are are very nice product.The clutch does come very close to the switch gear when fully ingaged. This was an initial concern when shopping  around, it seems to me that the fz09 has a smaller switch gear and these are the same lever. I called pazzo to confirm as well as sent them pics of the stock levers. I have heard the crg levers have the same clearance issue on the fj.  Although its not an issue really. I just rotated the switches a 1/4" forward so it clears 
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