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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia

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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
I have read/ heard a few less-than-complimentary comments about the standard seat (and, to keep wessie happy, a few that find it OK).
Since distance touring is my thing, I hope I fall into the 'satisfied' category.   But if not - has anyone taken the cover off the seat (the cover seems to be a pretty loose fit over what's beneath) to ascertain if it might be possible, f'rinstance, to add a layer or two of other material.
I have some fairly dense closed-cell neoprene left over from past boat-building exercises that might suit, if that's the way to go.
Any thoughts, guys and gals?
L of S [em]('39 model)[/em] 
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Did 2 longer trips - each 8 hours of riding per day and seat was fine for first few 3 hours with one short break. After this I had to take break every hour and it started to get uncomfortable. Possibly because it's start of season? 
Anyway, I'm planning to add thick layer of foam that is used for sofas and reupholster whole seat with quality cow leather.
Another reason to do this is to add extra height to the seat, as I'm 6'4'' :)
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