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  1. 3 Snowflake Millennials Emerge From The Basement | Adventure Rider ADVRIDER.COM My generation takes a lot of heat, for everything from being entitled and unmotivated to living at home until 35... Hey man, here’s a thread about our trip on Advrider I’ve been meaning to do an FJ-specific thread here but haven’t had the time, in fact that thread isn’t even quite finished yet. I don’t have much time right now because I’m travelling, but let me know if you have any specific questions about my setup or the trip itself and I’d be happy to answer. Cheers, Brendan
  2. I have both bear spray and bear bangers that I purchased legally in Canada. I'll look into legality re: crossing the border however. I know pepper spray is a prohibited weapon but bear spray specifically is not. Not sure how they will treat bear bangers though. I'm leaving the guns at home, at least...
  3. New updated clutch cable, spark plugs, and ran an extension to run a USB charging hub in my tank bag. Dumbass buddy pictured haha. Got a few last minute items: namely bear spray and bear bangers. Full Alaska pack up is as shown. Looks bulky but only weighs about 40lbs total. Going for a test camp this weekend to see if I forgot anything, and if there's anything I can afford to shed. Got my new tires, decided on Shinko 705's after much research. I looked at the Avon TrailRiders which look great but these won out by being a bit more aggressive (closer to the TKC-70's that I originally wanted) and about half the cost. They will be run for 2 weeks and 8000 km's so I'm not super concerned about having the very best thing. Also a Sena 10S to replace my aging ScalaRider and chat with my friends en route who also have the same system. After seeing fz1rider's plight regarding a broken clutch cable, I decided to pack mine along with my old spark plugs. It's the flawed original with 35,000kms on it but still works fine and could help me or somebody else in a pinch.
  4. Trying to decide on tires, if anyone has any advice to offer. I was planning to run a pair of Continental TKC-70's, however the front doesn't seem to be available anywhere in Canada at the moment (and I've heard it's not the best anyway) so that option is out. I am considering running a TKC-70 rear with a TKC-80 front, giving me a good compromise between traction on dirt/gravel and longevity. I would like to run TKC-80's front and rear but I don't think the rear tire would survive the 7,000-7,500km round trip from Victoria, BC. We aren't doing anything too crazy off-road (or doing the Dalton highway) but I'd like to be able to keep up with my friends on KLR's when we go to Denali, McKinley and otherwise rough dirt/gravel road surfaces. An alternative which is closer to the TKC-70's is the Avon Trailrider. Any of the other "adventure" tires in FJ-09 sizes (Scorpion Trail II's, Anakee 3's, ContiTrail whatevers) don't look much more aggressive than regular sport touring tires. Thanks everyone
  5. I wil wait until your test in order to know if the footpegs move or if they stay at the right place ^^ I have done a couple highway commutes with them and they don't move. They will deflect slightly because of the rubber inserts, but spring right back into position. I think because the load is being placed on top of them instead of pushing them forward it prevents any kind of movement. If I find that they are shifting around at all I will just drill and tap them for a set screw.
  6. It is definitely a bit tall. I would have liked a thinner 2L tank with the same dimensions but it's still smaller than the 1gal Rotopax. I plan to only fill it if my distance to the next fuel stop looks questionable, otherwise it will be empty as much as possible.
  7. Brackets: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/182011878799 Footpegs: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/372198863429 Turns out that it was only about $30 total now that I look at it again. For what it's worth both items feel very solid and high quality. I just needed to get some slightly shorter (M8x25) bolts and they worked out beautifully.
  8. Made some progress on the bike... my friends and I tossed around the idea of highway pegs a while back mostly as a joke, but I found a setup that works great and well worth the ~$45 in eBay parts I invested in it. They aren't really positioned well for my feet, but I can stretch my legs out fully and the top part of my boots rest on them perfectly making it very comfortable when cruising on long straight distances. Now that I have them I would never go back, especially at 6'3". Quality seems very decent for what they are. Next up was another eBay purchase, a 3L "LongHaul" fuel container which included the mount for around $50CAD. I did lots of research before I bought this, they are well-reviewed for being of good quality and more importantly had better dimensions for my mounting location vs. Rotopax, at less than half the cost. This is what I came up with here, not ideal but can't really think of any alternative. It doesn't look as ridiculous in person, it's still not as high as your average top box and certainly no higher than my SW Motech Drybag that's going to be sitting right in front of it. The Pelican case will have a very light selection of tools, parts, tire inflator/repair kit, etc. inside and along with 3L of fuel on top I am still within the weight capacity of my rear rack. And finally here's the bike as it stands. I also installed a new interim rear tire (Dunlop Roadsmart 3) and chain (EK 525 gold x-ring). Seat Concepts kit and revised clutch cable will be here any day now, I have to order a Sena to talk with my friends on our trip and it'll be getting an oil change and a set of Continental TKC-70's right before I go. About 1.5 months from today...
  9. Where in Canada did you order your exhaust from?
  10. Sorry for the late reply, I just saw this now. I dont think it will conflict with side cases at all, as it retains your factory luggage mounting brackets - just spaces them out very slightly. I use an SW Motech Drybag 700 so I can't say for sure however. I couldn't tell you exactly how heavy it is either, but it didn't strike me as being 2.5kg - that may be the gross shipping weight including packaging. Certainly not excessively heavy for what it is, and it's solid enough to justify whatever it weighs. Lately I've been using it to carry tools and it seems to be holding up just fine. More than a year later and I'm still very happy with this setup, I just added a small 3-digit combination Master lock which fits perfectly.
  11. Check out the "NEP CC-2 Cruise Control/Throttle Lock ("Fits: many OLD Yamaha w/ 7/8" handlebars"). I've been using it on my FJ for the past 2+ years. It's meant for a single throttle cable (different setup than what we have) but fits very easily with just the use of a small zip-tie (or in my case a narrow strip of velcro cable tie) to keep it in position. Nice and thin so it doesn't have any trouble fitting in the gap between the throttle grip and the mounting clamp. That looks very interesting, and quite affordable. I think I'll give it a shot. Thanks so much.
  12. I'd love to, but won't have time during this trip. If I ever make the run up that way again it'll be on the new highway to Tuktoyaktuk. I'm only 26 so I have to do it while I can... Baja and Japan are high on my list as well for the next 2-3 years.
  13. My thoughts regarding electronic cruise control were always that I would upgrade the bike to something else before I ever went down that road. I would happily accept sponsors for that kit though... 8-) unfortunately it just takes too big a bite out of my budget right now. Throttle lock for sure though. I've been using one that slips over the throttle grip and holds against the front brake lever, but I'll look into GO and Kaoko. Cheers.