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  1. Tail bag upside down. Very easy to mount or take with you at the hotel. If I didn't have a larger waterproof bag rigged up to my V Strom passenger seat, I would still be using this.
  2. Hi Everyone, Before putting hard luggage on my FJ09 (RIP), I bought a whole bunch of different luggage for trying to get myself an adequate touring setup without breaking the bank. I bought the following items and have not had a use for these in a couple of years, so it's time to try and find them a new home and get them out of my basement. PM me if you are interested. I will ship promptly anywhere in the 48 states. Expect shipping to be $10 or less. Motorcycle Universial Fit Luggage / Soft Bags For sale:$45 New - Motocentric 19 Liter Tank Bag$30 Used - Motocentric 19 Liter Tank Bag without rain cover$30 Used - Motocentric Touring Saddlebags$30 Used - Motocentric Touring Tail Bag (very easy on/off)
  3. Thank you for asking.. adventures have been great. I have 29k on the Strom, as of Sunday. Checked out the Upper Peninsula and it was incredible! Hoping to take the Strom up to Alaska next summer, but it's still tentative at this point. I hope your FJ is treating you well!
  4. Bumping this post. Hoping to give this a new home.
  5. Hi Everyone, For sale: Cylinder Head for Yamaha FJ09 2015 - Confirmed PN: 1RC-11101-09-00 In the process of trying to get my 2015 FJ09 back on the road, I ended up (by mistake) purchasing two Yamaha heads for my FJ09. They were on back-order and I had ordered with two different companies, in hopes of getting my hands on one. I put one on the bike before selling and the other is in the box (untouched) in my house. I only opened the box twice and never took the head out of the packaging. I will gladly provide pictures, if anyone wants them. Retail Price: $500+ Asking Price: $400 shipped to lower 48 states
  6. For anyone interested, I have a brand new and reinforced OEM windshield bracket for sale. I haven't posted it on here yet, but I have it and will eventually. I don't have an FJ09 anymore, so I have no use for it anymore. It has two extra gussets, to prevent the failure from happening again, added and then was re-coated black. If you are interested in buying, PM me.
  7. I've ran all these tires (except the Road 5s) and absolutely love the Michelin Pilot Road 4s. I got an average of 8-9k miles out of a rear. I also got about 3k out of the stock tire, for a frame of reference. The wet grip performance was like no other tire I rode with. I'd do 90+ with wet roads, knowing I had PR4s on and I felt comfortable with the road condition.
  8. Captain, I understood your point and respectfully disagree with it and was offering my perspective on the matter. I believe you may be looking at the issue myopically as in my mind you're not recognizing and addressing that Yamaha does in fact offer an OEM touring windshield for this specific bike. This alone creates the assumption that Yamaha should be (and probably are) developing their stock bracket to encompass at least a few other configurations other than stock. It also creates the recognition that Yamaha understands their customer base enough to realize that a stock only option might not work for every customer and their customer base may NOT buy a bike from them if ONLY the stock short OEM screen can be used or is supported. In fact, the OEM screen by Yamaha is considerably wider and longer than the stock screen shipped with the bike which undoubtedly creates much greater stress forces on the factory provided mounts. How many issues have we heard on this forum about this screen causing a problem? What about other 3rd party screens? I did some research (before I bought my GT) and this wasn't a common problem or theme. Using your own example, if Yamaha offered a similar exhaust configuration (straight pipe with silencer) and your engine blew up you better believe they should cover that damage. Coincidentally if you put your own straight pipe on the bike with silencer that was NOT Yamaha branded a precedence has already been set that it is something Yamaha (in the previous statement) has offered and should be supported. Back to the larger scope, if Yamaha themselves did NOT make a touring windscreen, maybe you'd have a point, however that is not the facts as they stand today. Yamaha OEM's an aftermarket screen considerably larger than that which comes off the assembly line. An ironic point to note is many of these aftermarket OEM Yamaha screens are in fact supplied via National Cycle's product line direct to OEM. None of them come with additional bracket mounts on many of the bikes that I've owned. With all of this said, quite frankly I personally don't see either the Windshield OR Yamaha bracket as being the problem. Perhaps simply put the OP just had a badly manufactured or faulty bracket? Maybe something hit his shield or caused a stress fracture at one point? I'd venture to believe if his issue was more common on this forum there would be other members up in arms over the same type of situation or experience. I'm not seeing that here in these forums or elsewhere so it's unfortunately easy to discount the OP's experience of being either the Windshield or Yamaha at this point and chalk it up to just a series of unfortunate events barring it's a common experience on these forums. Stating however that "any change" done to a bike that didn't come "factory" is clearly outside of scope however is not an accurate representation of how manufactures build and develop bikes as they themselves typically offer their own OEM configurations for customer replaceable items such as Windshields and Seats. Any manufacture that didn't at least take this into account won't last too long in this business. Not sure how much you ride, but I do about 30k miles a year. I put 37,000 miles or so on that bike with the windshield. I'm not sure how many people have gotten that kind of mileage on their bikes, let alone on that specific configuration. If you ride as much as I do, you learn really fast what isn't going to last...whereas someone who rides under 10k miles a year (I think most riders) would take at least three years to see the wear that I see in one.
  9. Well actually, they do have target sizes for the windscreens. If you think about it, yes the lengths are irrelevant, but not the height relationship between the rider's head and the location of the top of the wind screen. For tall sport touring (FJs, Stroms, Versys), customer service will tell you that the screen should be below your eyes/line of sight. As much as a I don't like Yamaha, I disagree that they should have to make a stronger bracket because aftermarket manufacturer's are going to make larger windscreens. Would it make sense to do so? Yes, but National Cycle shouldn't be selling windscreens that will inevitably break oem brackets. My windshield was flapping so bad in the wind that I was convinced it was necessary to fix or I would have it snap off and hit me. I appreciate the condescending quotations in your response, though. If you think about it... wouldn't you expect National Cycle to do some type of fatigue testing? You don't need a friend in R&D to expect the company tests their product on the vehicle it's for. Don't reply with a "no they don't test on the designated vehicle" because I know they do. They do some pretty cool real world testing on company bikes too. My friend ended up buying one of their test bikes, once they were done with it. If he says that their testing would have indicated a break in oem brackets, then I believe it. Testing standards, in R&D where I work, test for 5 years of use and abuse of our products. Most good companies do test their products to know when they will fail.
  10. And one unlucky guy with a 2015 FJ09 had an engine failure at 37,000 miles / 16 months of ownership... with replacement parts on backorder for 9 months. But there's supposedly no real issue, according many on the forum
  11. Whilst it's always good to be alerted of any problems, there is nothing wrong with the screen, or the company. It works very well, and they have made a screen of high quality. The screen didn't break or stop working, so why the heck should National cycles compensate you for a Yamaha bracket breaking ? The problem is the lightweight yamaha bracket wasn't designed for a screen of that size, which is probably why yamaha don't make or recommend one. There is a huge increase in leverage on that bracket compared to the original, as there would be with any make screen of that size. However, it's highly likely the cause of the break, is that you have let the bracket rust and corode, as you can see in your pictures. Rusting metal is not particularly good at loadbearing. The bike was less than 12 months old at the time of those pictures. There was no rust on the bike otherwise. The rust that you see in the pictures starts from where the cracks are because that exposed, uncoated metal is highly prone to rusting. Obviously it's going to rust at that point. Have you ever seen how fast uncoated metal rusts? There's actually evidence that National Cycle was fully aware of this issue. They intentionally limited the height of the tall wind screen because any taller would cause damaged to the yamaha brackets. If you order a tall windscreen on a different bike, they are significantly taller. The tall wind screen on the FJ09 was too short for me (even in the highest adjustment position on the bike itself), while three different national cycle tall windshields for different bikes, are too tall for me in the lowest position. In addition, my coworker/friend worked in R&D at National Cycle previously and said it was the company not doing their homework... he was sure that they were aware of an issue because of the testing that they do there. "Testing would have revealed an issue in that design before launch." I'm sure they appreciated the nice supportive post you wrote defending them, but the windshield should have come with extra support brackets, if it was going to break the weldment on the bike.