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  1. I am 224 lbs with all the riding gear. I replaced front springs by progressive Wilbers with stiffness 8,5 - 10,5 N/mm (free lenght 295mm). Replaced fork oil by lighter - cSt 40°C = 6,7 (2,5W SAE Wilbers Zero friction), height 150mm under top. After many tests I finished with 10 clicks from full hard (I tried to find the least possible damping without feeling bouncy). Front sag 30mm free/45mm with rider. It works fine now.
  2. I have replaced original Dunlops after 8000km by Michelin Road 5. Road 5 are definitely softer (damping the bad tarmac surface) and grip of Road 5 is much much better against OEM Dunlops. I lost grip with Road 5 only on dirty surface (rest of chippings on tarmac after winter maintaining). Road 5 grip in the morning low temperature (10-15°C) and slightly wet tarmac was surprisingly good. Next time I will take Road 5 again. The tread on side (softer compound) is more worned as in the center, but the tire is rounded, so OK.
  3. You can find it on Conti website - http://www.reifen-freigaben.de/tireapprovals.html?lang=de# I checked it, so for Tracer 900/900GT from 2018 (RN57) only Conti Motion Z/M is approved.
  4. I have Tracer 900 M.Y. 2017 (not GT). When I changed tyres last year, I checked approval lists of main tyre producers in Europe. Continental didnt aprove Road Attack 3 for Tracer 900. I was in contact with guys in Germany and one said, that he was asked Conti what was the resaon for non approval of Road Attack 3 for Tracer 900 and the response was - "due to instability by high speed by testing". I have choose Michelin Road 5 and after 2000km in Alps and Dolomiti I am very satisfied.