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  1. I am 224 lbs with all the riding gear. I replaced front springs by progressive Wilbers with stiffness 8,5 - 10,5 N/mm (free lenght 295mm). Replaced fork oil by lighter - cSt 40°C = 6,7 (2,5W SAE Wilbers Zero friction), height 150mm under top. After many tests I finished with 10 clicks from full hard (I tried to find the least possible damping without feeling bouncy). Front sag 30mm free/45mm with rider. It works fine now.
  2. I have Tracer 900 (FJ09) MY 2017. My weight is 95kg without gear. OEM front spring was too soft - > static and rider sag to big and rear spring is too hard -> static and rider sag too small. I have replaced front spring by Wilbers progresive with stiffness 8,5N/mm - 10,5 N/mm (free lenght 300mm) and changed oil (slightly thinner Wibers), set 10 clicks rebound out of closed and now the front end is better - front static sag 26, rider sag 46mm. The OEM rear is too hard - static sag 6-8mm only and rider sag 33-35mm. I would like to change rear spring to reach the right sag, but I am not sure what is stiffness of OEM rear spring (for M.Y. 2015 was 99,9N/mm, but I am not sure if M.Y. 2017 is the same). Could you advise? I found 95NM rear spring by K-Tech. I drive always without pillion, sometimes with light luggage (max. up to 20kg).
  3. I have replaced original Dunlops after 8000km by Michelin Road 5. Road 5 are definitely softer (damping the bad tarmac surface) and grip of Road 5 is much much better against OEM Dunlops. I lost grip with Road 5 only on dirty surface (rest of chippings on tarmac after winter maintaining). Road 5 grip in the morning low temperature (10-15°C) and slightly wet tarmac was surprisingly good. Next time I will take Road 5 again. The tread on side (softer compound) is more worned as in the center, but the tire is rounded, so OK.
  4. Germany moto journal Mottorrad made 50 000 km test of MT09 (=FZ09) and they had to replace coupling (plates and basket) in the end of the test due to noise and bad shifting. After replacement all was ok again (noise and shifting). You can read it in following web - unfortunately in german language only: https://www.motorradonline.de/yamaha-mt-09-im-50000-km-dauertest.730826.html Official statement of Yamaha was, that there was high loading of the coupling during the test, because the steel plates has blue colouring, but the basket and damper was not worn.
  5. You can find it on Conti website - http://www.reifen-freigaben.de/tireapprovals.html?lang=de# I checked it, so for Tracer 900/900GT from 2018 (RN57) only Conti Motion Z/M is approved.
  6. I found this forum as the best from all related to Tracer 900. I bought Tracer 900 in 2017 (in Europe called MT09 Tracer) and I am very happy with it. I had to solve some issues with the bike - stiffer front springs (I am 95kg), different windscreen due to terrible wind noise and some engine protection from Touratech. I owned always dirtbikes, but I always enjoyed also riding in alp roads, so now, when I am 54 I have bought first time street bike and I am happy. In the first season this year I have travelled 9500km on Tracer. I Still I keep my TT600R for trips to Ukraine and Romania with my dirt bike friends. Current bikes - Tracer 900, Yamaha TT600R Previous bikes - Yamaha XT600, Yamaha XT660R, Yamaha XT660Z Tenere, Suzuki DRZ400S
  7. I have Tracer 900 M.Y. 2017 (not GT). When I changed tyres last year, I checked approval lists of main tyre producers in Europe. Continental didnt aprove Road Attack 3 for Tracer 900. I was in contact with guys in Germany and one said, that he was asked Conti what was the resaon for non approval of Road Attack 3 for Tracer 900 and the response was - "due to instability by high speed by testing". I have choose Michelin Road 5 and after 2000km in Alps and Dolomiti I am very satisfied.