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  1. Sounds similar to me. Odd feeling to give a bunch of gas to a FI engine. Haven't done that since the carb days.
  2. Yep, Pupsi, you were correct! I was very surprised but learned a very good lesson today. Don't think it was flooded though? You guys in Malta know your stuff!
  3. This is so bizarre to me. I actually tried to hold the throttle open even though with a FI bike I did not expect anything. Well I will be damned. I cranked it for 5-10 seconds with the battery tender hooked up and it began to make different noises (not like I usually hear when an engine is trying to start).....and I was blown away that it then fired up. Geez, I must not understand how this system works...big surprise..... My guess is the wise peteinpa was actually right. Maybe some condensation of water from ethanol fuel and opening the throttle did somehow allow more fuel to get into the system and it worked. Thanks for the attempts at help folks. Now the big question is whether I can now depend on this bike as being a reliable starter. What do you wise folks think? Maybe just make sure that I start it more often and should I put some stabilizer in the fuel?
  4. Yep, used ethanol fuel the whole time as I would expect most people do. Seems to crank at the same speed it always does so does not imply less compression...at least to my untrained ears. Got back July 28th and did not try to start again until yesterday. It would be surprising that ethanol would harden on the valves in such a short time. Otherwise wouldn't this be a much more common occurrence? Many thanks for the suggestion though.
  5. This is really strange. Got back in early August riding my Tracer for 5300 miles. It ran flawlessly. I have not used it since as I have been doing dirt bike riding. Getting ready to ride tomorrow and tried to start up the bike...... all the lights came on, fuel pump spun up, in neutral on center stand, side stand up, display came up, engine turned over really fast......and absolutely did not start. Did not kick like it was attempting to start. Almost like there was no fuel. Fuel tank 3/4 full. On Battery Tender since I returned so strong battery and engine turns over quickly. Checked all the fuses. Especially Fuel injection, throttle valve, and ignition. All fuses looked good. Tested turn signals, lights, etc....all electronics seemed to work fine. Not in gear with the side stand down. Kill switch is designed so it has to be off when using the starter. Etc.... Really strange as I had started it hundreds of times in June and July with no issue. Now nothing. Any ideas what could have happened while just sitting in my shop? Appreciate any help you can give. I don't have a lot of faith in my dealer in town to work on it, and the next closest Yamaha dealer is over 200 miles away (live in the mountains of southern NM).
  6. MInes a 2019. I measured it exactly using a Motion Pro Graduated funnel.
  7. So a bit more info. I did my first oil and filter change. I added exactly 2.7L per the manual. When the engine is running, the oil slowly goes to the bottom of the sight glass. After letting it drain for a few minutes after shutting the engine off, the level does eventually go the top of the sight glass.....above the top marking. So I have already ridden the bike 2700mi this way......and I assume you are supposed to check it with the engine off....so I clearly have more oil than the top mark. But since I put in exactly the recommended amount and let the residual oil drain for a long time when I changed it, it can't be much above the recommended amount....should I be worried about this situation? Is it imperative that I drain a bit of oil out to get below that top marking? Again, your experience in answering these questions are much appreciated.
  8. I am recent buyer of a used Tracer 900 GT. Sorry about the ignorant question. But the user manual to me is not completely obvious and I don't want to screw it up. The manual says to wait a few minutes after warming up to let the oil settle. So here is the question. Should the engine be off or on when you check the oil level when it settles? The manual does not specify. Sorry for the question.....
  9. One quick question. I heard the FJ side case covers will fit on the Tracer and add quite a bit of volume (replace the Tracer covers). Do you recommend that or is it too much width and weight for this sport bike? I am also carrying a 57l Givi Maxia top case and 58l Wolfman waterproof duffel in the Passenger seat. Going to be pretty heavy for the daily travels. Will unload at destinations for lighter fun day trips. Also, any suggestions as to where to pick up FJ side case covers?
  10. Thanks guys, perfect! Texscottyd, I lived in Houston for 35 years (NASA guy) and then retired in the NM mountains near Cloudcroft. We are actually coming to see our kids and grandkids in Houston. Wife is staying for month and a half, and I am going north from there after trailering the bike to Houston. Not looking forward to the heat and humidity, but that is life! Heading to Barber motorsports track and museum, Tail of the Dragon, Mid Ohio Indy Car race, ferry across Lake Michigan, family in Iowa and Minnesota, Deadwood, Denver and then back home. Bringing camera and Drone to document the event. Once in a lifetime for me! Appreciate the help!
  11. Hi folks. I will be darned but I cannot find an answer during my searches as to whether the OEM sidecases on the 2019 Tracer GT are truly waterproof. The Yamaha site does not seem to use the "waterproof" word. I will be carrying some electronics in there on a month long trip and want to make sure I am not putting them at risk. Any help you can provide is much appreciated. Mark
  12. Thanks Wintersdark. About what I expected. Arrrrgh.... I can live with my current side cases, but they are so small for the volume they have. Wish they were taller. Do you know if any other side cases are available that use the Tracer 900 attach hardware vs going with something like Givi?