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  1. I have a 2020 I bought last March and have 4600 miles on it and it's one of the best sport touring bikes I have owned and I have owned a few including Ninja 1000, FJR, FZ1, etc. The Tracer is the bomb after you make some mods to make it work for you from a seat and windshield point. I also have an exhaust and Ivan ecu flash and the bike just runs fantastic. I think you won't be dissappointed. It's all about that triple!
  2. Get a motodynamics tail light and call it done. WAY brighter and has the blink safety option when you hit the brakes. Plug and play, 5 minute install. https://www.motodynamic.com/2014-2016-yamaha-fz-09-15-17-fj-09-19-tracer-900-sequential-led-tail-lights-smoked.html
  3. You will never "hear" a tight valve.....the gap closes and it actually gets quieter. You may hear a loose valve but the concept of hearing a tight valve is wrong in every sense.
  4. This is exactly right. my old FZ-09 had it to. heck many of my japanese bikes had the clutch rattle to some degree. My Tuono V4 was the worst but it's the nature of the beast and seems to be more prevalent on slipper clutches as well.
  5. You should hear the dry clutch in my Ducati, haha. I pull up at a light and people give me a concerned look like my bike is going to fall apart, lololol
  6. My buddy Kyle owns the Farmhouse Inn (Bed and Breakfast) in Tellico Plains and that's where I stay. About 110 bucks a night and his wife is an amazing cook!! Right at the start of the Cherahala Skyway.
  7. Get your ECU flashed by Ivan's Performance and enjoy a whole new bike, haha.
  8. I agree with you and at one point I was a die hard Honda guy. These days they consistently manage to put heavy, boring bikes to market that are very reliable and have no character whatsoever. This NT1100 is going to fall right into that category, lol. Honestly, they should bring back a fuel injected version of the VTR1000 (Superhawk) V twin for that bike and it would be amazing, hehe.:)
  9. Competition is definitely good...assuming they actually get bikes in the showroom!!!! Having owned a 2020 AT with this motor I just didn't like the on off throttle jerkiness of the motor. Even worse was there is no way to tune it. My 2020 Tracer GT with Ivan's tune is an actual thing of beauty and it would be very hard to give up. I will be curious to here peoples thoughts when they ride this new Honda......
  10. Trust me...you are gonna want to keep the triple, lol
  11. Having owned a 2020 AT, there is no way I would buy that bike. I sold my AT for the tracer because of the motor alone. It's boring as hell and the fueling was quite snatchy. The triple has WAY more character and more power. I really hate that manufacturers are dialing up all these twins. Mainly because they are cheaper to make but they mostly suck, lol. Give me a triple, a v twin or an inline 4 before a parallel twin!!
  12. Yep.....I had a 14 N1K and had his tune....all of his tunes are awesome. Heck I have used his Jet kits and they have been nothing short of amazing as well!!
  13. I go down to the Smokies every year and after doing the Tail a few times I steer clear because of the crowds and as others have said, there are tons of great roads in the are that are empty. Everyone should do it once though, hehe.
  14. Thanks and yes it work surprisingly well. It keeps all the wind off your chest and no buffeting at all. I believe it is 16". I just played with the height until I found a sweet spot for me.