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  1. Got the bagster seat today. Well that was a waste of 400 bucks. Great looking seat and all but the foam is WAY to soft and you are sitting in the seat pan in minutes. I also had to really modify the rear seat match to even get it to work which is not good. Back to the air hawk, lol
  2. After all this I decided to order a Bagster seat.....Gonna see how that is first I guess....😉
  3. Thank you! Anyone have a pic of how it looks on the bike? 😁
  4. Yeah...I don't know...but I am 5'11" and I got the 24" screen thinking it would be plenty and the buffeting was not good. Not horrible but not good. It could be the GT Air helmet too.... I may have a Madstad for sale cheap, lol......although I also got the shorty screen and I should try it with that......
  5. Can someone give me a link to what you specifically use?
  6. Yeah I suspect the mirrors are a major culprit. The madstad is quieter for me but I did not like the buffeting and I had the screen above my nose and it didn't go away...I was shocked. Oh well I will keep it for another day and maybe try something else but I now realize the stock screen with the Puig wind deflector does the job well enough for now.....
  7. For those of you that use an Air Hawk seat Pad, I was wondering what size you use or if you have a link that would be great too. never used one in all my years of motorcycling and may try one.
  8. Try a Puig wind deflector on the stock screen...I have had great luck with that removing the buffeting completely.
  9. I did also try the Puig short race screen but honestly it was noisy too and the upright seating position would be tough at highway speeds. I think the mirrors are a big source of the noise. How is the cal sci shorty? Honestly, the stock screen with the puig wind deflector is pretty good It reduce any buffeting to zero but if you are taking a longer ride, then ear plugs should be worn With ear plugs its pretty dang good. I was hoping the Madstad would reduce the need for ear plugs but that was really not the case. Was it better? yes...but not better enough, lol.
  10. So this weekend my Madstad 24" screen came in and I installed it yesterday without issue. For reference, I am 5'11" and have a 32" inseam so I opted for the 24" screen. After I installed it I went on a good test ride and tried every height and angle that I could and with great disappointment, I just couldn't get it to work. It cut the noise down by maybe 50% but I experienced buffeting at anything over 65 mph and it was a calm day. I use a Shoei GT Air II helmet. Bottom line is I didn't really like it and the benefit versus how it looked was not worth it to me. So....I took it off and went back to the stock screen with the puig wind deflector and I am gonna call it done. With this set up I actually get ZERO buffeting but a fair amount of wind noise above 65mph. However with ear plugs its actually very very liveable and I like the way it looks. Guess I must be one of the few who don't like the madstad but that's ok by me. I had to try it and see....
  11. Its normal...mostly fairing noise and many japanese bikes I have owned do the same thing.
  12. Yep it sure is....I assume not to terribly far from you?
  13. I would say probably not...its close to the size of the rear seat....