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  1. A leaky injector(s) can cause this issue right after you shut it down or the next time the pump pressurizes during the next start. I had this same situation on a triumph Tiger 800. Ran some redline fuel injection cleaner in a tank of gas and no more issue.
  2. Agreed...love mine and great company with typically quick shipping. The levers are much better then the EVotech's IMO.
  3. Yep.....fans kick on around 220-221.....normal for a lot of bikes quite honestly. It shouldn't overheat though.....
  4. Interesting. Yeah I have had many Ivan ECU flashes and even a couple of his jet kits. He is the man. My old FZ-09 flash was fantastic. Seth has been great quite honestly. Very nice guy...very busy. He called me Friday after about 6 weeks which was the expected lead time and will be shipping Tomorrow. Never had a custom seat so I pray its good, lol.
  5. Its usually not the gear switch but the clutch or brake safety switches....but again, if it works in 6th, that would not be the issue. I am sending my ECU to Ivan in a few weeks and I may leave cruise as is. Already got my Black widow exhaust waiting to go on too. On the seat front, I like the sargent and its better then stock but is in no way perfect. So, I decided to send my stock seat off to Seth Laam for a custom set up. He called me yesterday and I should have it by the end of next week. I hope this is the end of it, lol. How is the Seat Concepts??
  6. Yep he only uses your stock seat pan and right now he is about 6 weeks out. He seems like a very nice guy!!
  7. I will do when I get it...Seth is supposed to be calling this week. I am taking a 3 day trip on 9/10-9/12 so I will give a good review.
  8. All good points and I understand completely! I do have a short puig racing screen but I find the wind noise to be too excessive. I ran the stock screen with my puig spoiler for a while and it was very smooth but very noisey. The madstad solves all issues with noise and turbulence so I just can't bring myself to change it, lol. Cruising along at 65 with no noise, visor up, no bugs on the helmet and being able to hear my music is bliss for me, haha. Ugly as a mofo though, lol
  9. That is true.....but I am not wanting to change screens all the time. The Madstad works awesome for me in all conditions.
  10. Sure thing! Maybe sometime we can meet up and you can ride my bike and see if you like it or not. The key with the Madstad design is it allows air under the screen to equalize pressure and eliminate turbulence.
  11. The Madstad is amazing and it does just fine in hot weather. I wear a mesh jacket and it allows plenty of air flow. Its calm and quiet and I can be helmet visor up even at 70 plus. Its ugly but it works very very well..
  12. Time for a new chain unfortunately......